5 Cheap and Hassle-Free Tricks to Prevent Airborne Illnesses in Your Home

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During the first few weeks and months following the discovery and rapid spread of SARS-CoV-2, there were debates among epidemiologists and researchers on whether the novel coronavirus is airborne or not. Ultimately, they acknowledged that there are instances when the virus that causes the deadly illnesses can behave like an airborne disease.

As such, health authorities gave orders for people to practice social distancing, wearing face masks, and refraining from converging in large groups to prevent transmission of the virus.

At home, families are likewise advised to observe various precautionary measures to ensure that anything that could carry COVID-19 particles won’t make its way into the homes of unsuspecting families.

If you’re trying to find different techniques on how you can make your home safe from COVID-19 and airborne diseases, here are five inexpensive and straightforward tricks you need to follow:

Clean your carpets and area rugs periodically

Rugs and carpets are magnets for dirt, dust, and minute particles that can cause various illnesses, including asthma and even COVID-19. You can guarantee a thorough cleaning of these items by hiring a professional company that specializes in carpet cleaning services.

Such service providers can give your carpets and area rugs deeper cleaning than what your regular home vacuum cleaners can provide. They perform other techniques that not only ensure removal of stubborn dirt and dust, but also proper disinfection of virus particles that may have found their way into your home courtesy of family members.

You can opt to book them on a per need basis or opt for a limited contractual basis, so you’re assured of their services based on agreed-upon schedules.

Make the indoor air immaculate

Just as how you’d want your lawn to look immaculate by keeping the grass mown regularly to the desired height and removing weed, so should you ensure that indoor air at home is as clean and breathable as possible. You can do this several ways:

First, by buying and installing indoor plants with air-purifying properties such as mums, spider plants, peace lilies, Boston ferns, and many others. Just take note of the pros and cons associated with each plant, so you’ll know what precautions need to be done.

Second, by using dehumidifiers that help maintain just enough humidity inside the home to prevent mold growth that can be harmful to people’s health.

Third, by constantly having the HVAC system serviced, particularly the air conditioning units’ air filters. This is to make sure that the filters are not unwittingly trapping allergens that can wreak havoc on your family’s lungs.

Finally, by opening all doors and windows at least once a month to let in the fresh air and let out stale air. This will help reset the air quality inside your home without spending anything in the process.

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Observe proper sanitary and hygienic habits

It’s hard for airborne diseases to cause troubles in a home where the sanitary conditions are outstanding. The same is true with the hygienic habits of family members.

As such, be sure to observe frequent hand washing, disinfection of items brought inside the home, and daily showers to keep one’s body clean of anything that could cause flu, cold, and other common household illnesses.

If you have small kids in the house, be sure to teach them proper hygiene and sanitation, so they’ll get used to it and make it second nature.

Invest in modern disinfection and self-cleaning technology

Have you ever heard of antiviral house paint? Or maybe a wrapper that you can install on touchpoints such as door handles to silently destroy viruses?

There are also products such as self-cleaning showerheads, toilet brushes, and taps that you can invest in, so you won’t have to manually disinfect them (which is prone to neglect if you’re busy or tend to forget things a lot).

Regularly disinfect gadgets and items from groceries

It’s common knowledge that electronic devices such as tablets and smartphones harbor all kinds of viruses that can cause people to get sick quickly. The same is true with items from the grocery stores such as canned goods and household items.

As such, be sure to frequently sanitize them using a 50/50 alcohol-distilled water concoction. This is an inexpensive cleaning solution that you can apply using lint-free fabric.

You only need to make this a habit, especially if you frequently go outside and bring items into your home.

All of these precautions and some others will help prevent your family from getting sick due to COVID-19 and airborne viruses. With practice and due diligence, safeguarding your family’s health during this pandemic and even beyond will be a breeze.

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