The Best Home Renovation Ideas for Summer

swimming pool terrace

The pandemic is still with us, and many Americans choose to stay at home because of it. Vaccines are available, but it will still be some time before everyone gets it. There is a big chance that the pandemic will still be around until summer. You and your family are most likely to spend the 4th of July and the rest of summer inside your homes. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy it.

The best thing to do right now while in spring is to start preparing for summer through renovations and remodeling. The weather is excellent for renovations because it’s not cold as winter but not as hot as summer. You can bring summer to your home with just a few renovations. Here are some great renovation ideas for your house for the summer.

Swimming Pool

Building a swimming pool is the best way you can bring summer into your home. However, there are a couple of things you should know before building one.

You can’t build your own in-ground swimming pool. You’re going to need a permit and a contractor to do this. It’s also quite costly to build an in-ground swimming pool in your backyard if you don’t have a stable surface to build upon. If you want a cheaper swimming pool, you can always buy an above-ground swimming pool. This kind of swimming pool is more affordable and does not require you a contractor to build. Some are already built for you, and you only need to fill them with water.

Additionally, some states don’t require you to get a permit for an above-ground swimming pool, so you’re free to buy one whenever you want. Once you have a swimming pool, it’s a must that you build a canopy on your home to cover the swimming pool from the harsh sun of summer. If you have no plans of getting tan or sunburn, then you’re going to need it to protect your skin when you’re swimming. Furthermore, a canopy is great for summertime barbecues!

Sand and Seashells on the Path

What’s the best way of feeling like you’re walking on the beach or maybe driving into your beach house? Some sand and seashells! This particular renovation idea is so easy to do compared to the swimming pool. You can even do it yourself!

One of the best candidates for this particular renovation is your driveway. Most of the time, the cement on your driveway can have some grime and dirt on the surface. These two things can stain it and make it look bad. The worse part of it all is that you can’t just wash the stains away. So you’ll have to renovate the place entirely. One of the cheapest materials to use for this renovation is seashells!

Broken-up seashells are available in abundance. They are cheap, easy to maintain, and also easy to apply! And unlike gravel, you can step on them with your bare foot. The best part of it all is that they don’t get stained. You can also use them in your garden or any outside path you have in your home.

To do this renovation, you have to remove the cement from your driveway(you can ask a professional to help you do this) and then apply your seashells right after. Just pour them out there and see the authentic, beach-like effect happen right outside your home.

outdoor living area

Simple Patio

Patios are essential if you plan to invite some friends or extended family into your home this summer. They are also pretty easy to build by yourself and do not require a permit. Patios are great if you plan to have some small parties in your home. It’s good for barbecues and good for cocktail parties. Additionally, building a patio is cheap and easy. It will only require one weekend to build it.

The first thing you should do is measure the space of your proposed patio. Then mark the areas you want to excavate. Get a shovel and excavate those areas once you’re ready. After the excavation, you can then lay your paving stones and add some cement to finish it. There you have it! A simple but stable patio for the summer. You can put all kinds of furniture atop this DIY patio and make it your own.

Here are some simple renovation ideas for your house this summer. Now you don’t need to go to the beach to experience summer. You can have it right in your own backyard!

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