5 Eco-Friendly Businesses You Can Start on a Budget

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Since all of us are urged to do our part in reducing waste and saving the earth, might as well start a small eco-friendly business if we have the means. Luckily, a big investment isn’t required to start such a business.

Your chances of succeeding in an eco-friendly business will definitely be high. All you need is a market that shares your advocacy, and your ability to influence more people to become more conscious of the environmental impacts of their daily lives.

That said, here are some excellent eco-friendly startups a small capital can support:

1. Secondhand Bookstore or Fashion Boutique

The production of new books contributes to the depletion of natural resources, given that paper originated from trees. Hence, consider selling secondhand books to help reduce the environmental impacts of new books. You can get your stocks from your own collection and from your friends who might sell or donate their used books to you. Your market would surely be pleased with the idea of buying the books they need for a fraction of its original retail price.

Likewise, a secondhand fashion boutique will also help decrease the carbon footprint of producing new clothes. Sell at flea markets or online, which saves money from leasing. Aside from pre-loved clothes, you can also sell used furniture, home decor, and other vintage items collectors love.

2. Handmade Organic Beauty Products

If you discovered a certain cosmetic formula that you think a niche in the market will love, make it a brand to earn profit from it. Forego packaging, or opt for a recycled paper if it’s really needed.

Some cosmetic products that are easy and affordable to make include soaps and body scrubs. Their ingredients can be found in your kitchen, like sugar. And since you’re going all-natural, there will be no need for harsh chemicals that may cause a reaction from your skin or organs.

3. Local Recycling Business

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Not the most glamorous choice, but its impact is powerful. To start a small recycling business, choose a niche first, such as scrap metal or plastic waste, for example. If you’ll go for collecting plastic waste, the biggest investment you’ll most likely make is for an industrial-quality plastic waste compactor. This machine compacts a bulk of plastic waste as though hay, so you can transport them more easily.

On the other hand, a scrap metal recycling business would involve investing in a pickup truck or utility trailer, so you’re in luck if you already own one of those. Scrap metal can be collected from homeowners doing a renovation, and construction sites.

4. Secondhand Computer Parts

Like a mechanic, electronics manufacturers also see the value in older gadget parts; in fact, even Apple uses the parts of their older iPhone models to make new ones.

Thus, if you have old and forgotten computers, smartphones, and other electronic gadgets somewhere in your storage, take them to a company who might be interested in their parts. If you succeed in it, you can start buying your friends’ old gadgets, too, and make money out of their parts.

5. Bicycle Repair and Overhauling

If you have a penchant for fixing bicycle issues, sell your services to avid bikers, and offer to overhaul their seriously broken bikes as well. When you raise enough funds, you can purchase a secondhand top-of-the-line model and refurbish it, then re-sell it for a profit. This may encourage automobile users to consider using bikes more since they can buy high-quality models from you for an affordable price.

When you’ve already decided on a promising eco-friendly business, be sure to accomplish all the necessary registrations before getting started. You might even receive tax incentives for having any of these businesses, too, which is another great reason to be green.

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