How to Improve a Small Bathroom Through Design


Having a small bathroom is, more often than not, inconvenient. Apart from leaving little space for you to move around, a small bathroom rarely has enough space for the essentials and supplies, much less decor.

Nevertheless, you can make the best of your tiny bathroom with these design tips:

1. Install a shower curtain

Instead of a glass door or partition, use a shower curtain for your shower or shower-and-tub combo. If you are building the bathroom from scratch, look for the perfect curtain while browsing showers to buy, so you can make sure they fit together perfectly. By using a shower curtain instead of a glass door, you can save more space and eliminate the need to clean fogged up and water-stained glass.

2. Get a bigger mirror

For tiny spaces, mirrors can help make the room look bigger than it is. This is especially true for small bathrooms where there is limited space for everything. To make your small bathroom look bigger and allow more than one person to use it at the same time, install a mirror that expands across the wall over the counter.

3. Eliminate clutter

Clutter can make a small space even more cramped. For a small bathroom, having too many toiletries, toilet paper and even decor pieces hanging around can make your bathroom feel nothing short of suffocating. Of course, no one wants to “relax” in a bathroom that’s teeming with unnecessary stuff, so keep your bathroom free of clutter by throwing out what you don’t need and fitting everything in proper storage places instead of using up counter space.

4. Use light colours for paint


Painting a bathroom with light colours can make it feel more spacious and relaxing. Use light or pastel colours, such as white, grey, sky blue or rose pink, as your base colours and opt for darker shades for accents.

5. Hang a medicine cabinet

Instead of a full-sized cabinet that eats up a big chunk of your bathroom space, hang a medicine cabinet on one of the walls, preferably beside the sink. Here, you can store your bathroom essentials to keep them out of the way without using up floor space for a large cabinet or shelf. If you don’t want to install a mirror that takes up most of the wall above the counter, hang up a medicine cabinet that doubles as a mirror.

6. Use large tiles

Installing larger tiles in a bathroom makes the entire space seem bigger. If you have a small bathroom, use this tactic for both your floor and walls.

7. Have good lighting

Good lighting is essential for rooms that have limited space. Hence, if your bathroom is on the small side, install lighting fixtures on the right places to illuminate the entire room and make it look more spacious.

Having a small bathroom doesn’t have to be a hassle. If you want to make your tiny bathroom look better and feel bigger, use these design tips when building or renovating.

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