5 Important Steps in Giving Your Garden a Fresh Look

Tranfering plants to new pots

A common question garden or yard owners frequently ask themselves is, how would this area look appealing? And if it already is, some still feel like there’s something that needs to be redesigned.

If you are one of those, but still a newbie in garden decorating, then take a quick look at these essential steps to give your garden a beautiful make-over.

1. Do research, study your yard and fix stuff.

Check the areas and fix broken stuff. Contact a concrete repair company if there are broken pieces of concrete landscape curbing. Researching for landscape ideas common in your location is also helpful. If you are from Utah, try searching for the trends and see if something matches your taste.

More importantly, look for the designs which are ideal for the size and dimensions of your yard or garden. Of course, it is smart to hire a custom landscape company in Utah to help you customize your garden.

2. Create the main idea.

After the researching and fixing, trim down your list to what is it that you plan to have as the main concept of your garden. This is the step in which you finalize what you really want your garden to remember and what impression will it leave the viewers.

Do you want a place conducive for some family bonding? An area for social gatherings? Or, maybe you want a simple garden where your kids can play as you calmly watch over them. It is all up to you now, create the main idea.

3. Take time to mulch.

A major part of providing your garden a fresh make-over is to put on some good mulch. Choose what type of mulch agrees with your senses and take some time to mulch before you concentrate on the plant decorations and other stuff.

The ideal time to go mulching is early in the spring, the time when the land has already warmed and dried a little. As for the best type of mulch to use, you can start choosing from grass clippings and compost, fresh wood chips or the chocolaty chopped cocoa. The list goes on; pick what suits your style.

4. Decide what your focal point is.

Over quite some time, it is highly suggested that gardens should have a focal point. The question is, what kind of plants should the focal points be? Palms, yuccas, topiaries, weeping cherries or redbuds are top candidates for being the focal point of a garden for its additional drama.

But really, you just have to choose what you like. Do not overthink and be overwhelmed by what you see and read because there are tons of appealing images out there once you type in garden focal point on your keyboard. Just be natural.

5. Add your personal favorites.

Transfering potted plants to the garden

Once you are done planning for what your garden will look like, here is one technique to avoid or lessen the feeling of something is missing in the garden: Add your personal favorites.

Nothing beats the completeness and satisfaction that having something that symbolizes you or someone very special to you incorporated in your garden. It is just very sentimental, and it never fails on bringing joy to the owners.

You can appreciate everything that research and experts suggest you, but in the end, it is still your garden. So, don’t be afraid that whatever it is that you like to add will ruin it, it’s yours so do whatever you want.

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