Creative Ways to Transform Your Mezzanine Space

Staff working in a busy office mezzanine

Be it in a residential or a commercial building, mezzanine floors can be creatively transformed into lovely spaces. Wondering how to go about it? Here are some creative ways that you can transform your mezzanine space into at home and at work:

Mezzanine space office ideas

If your office space growing smaller by the day, no need to relocate your office. It’s too much hassle. Instead, just convert your mezzanine floor into mezzanine office space. It is cheaper, and it will not take too much time to do the transformation.

You can either convert your mezzanine floor to an open office and or an enclosed one. For the open office, you can put up sub-stations according to the various departments you have. For enclosed offices, build up partitions to whatever office sizes you want.

You can convert your mezzanine space into a board room or a meeting space where staff can hold meetings with their walk-in clients.

You can convert your mezzanine space into a break room. A break room is a room where your staff can go into and take a break from working. Some break rooms have a kitchen, dining area, and sofa beds. You can create yours to your preference.

Another cool idea for a mezzanine space is a call center. Since the space is open, you can create a large call center office where all customer inquiries are handled.

Lastly, you can use your mezzanine space as an office store. Some sort of in-house warehouse where you store inventories, machines, paperwork, and equipment.

You can basically just design it to store anything whether big or small. They are designed to take up to 360 kg per square meter. For heavy items, you can wheel them up with a pallet truck.

Mezzanine floor home ideas

Convert mezzanine into a reading place for you and your family

Mezzanine floors are not only found in commercial buildings but in residential, too. If your home has a mezzanine space, you can consider converting this into a home library.

For most people, a study room or a library is not on their list when building a home unless they are book addicts or lecturers for that matter. You can convert it to an additional room, say a bedroom, entertainment area for your guests, kids’ playroom, laundry room, or even a home gym area.

Basically, you can convert it to any space that is lacking in your home. You can also convert it to an office space. It will create a spacious, airy working space with a lot of lighting, which is what you need to motivate you and make you become super productive.

And, even if you won’t be working from home, you can use the space for after work assignments in the evening and on the weekend.

Lastly, you can use the space as an escape room. If you are a parent to toddlers, you would understand why you need this. It will be your little haven from your little rascals. Don’t get this wrong; kids are lovely but annoyingly so.

The beauty of mezzanine floors is that they are easy and cheap to install. They are versatile, and anytime you want to convert it to something else, you just take down whatever is there and transform it into something else at no building costs.

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