5 Ways to Eliminate Mites at Home

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Mite infestation may not be the first thing that comes to a person’s mind when asked about common home problems. But it is actually pretty common even if homeowners do not realize it. These five things might give you insights on how to address mite infestation in your residence:

Clean your carpets

Not a lot of homeowners realize just how common mite infestations are. In fact, most of the mite infestations happen without the homeowners knowing, which is why it can be alarming. These mites can leave dirt, feces, and other body fragments in carpets that can cause the carpet to be smelly and filthy. To get rid of the mites that are currently infesting your home, you should have a Utah County carpet cleaner disinfect your carpets.

Send your pets to the vet

Whether or not your pets are affected by the mite problem, you need to take them out of the house while you are disinfecting the interiors. It may be best that you have them checked by the vet, especially if they got ticks so that you will be able to solve the problem. Let them stay there for three days at most so that there is an assurance that the pets will not contract the mites again. They can also get other treatments that they need.

Make sure your home is not humid

Mites typically thrive in places that have humid conditions. One of the first things you should do to remove the mites from your home is to clean the entire thing out. Then, you need to check whether your heater or air conditioning device does the job of keeping the humidity at a comfortable level. As much as possible, you should also act on pipe leaks right away as they can result in more humid interiors.

Get yourself checked for mites, too

If the mites have existed in your home interiors for more than a few days, there is a possibility that you have been affected by the mites, too. Among the most common signs are weird, red patches on your skin, unexplained itching, tiny bite marks on random areas of the skin, and burning scalp. If you have time, go to the doctor so that they will be able to check if the mites have affected your health already.

Check businesses and services that address mite infestation

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If the mite infestation is already beyond your control, you must acknowledge that you will need a lot of help. A mite infestation will require specialized care because these pests can be incredibly difficult to eliminate. You need to look for companies that will be able to address the issues so that the health of your family and pets will not be compromised. Contact them right away and then schedule a session to disinfect your home.

Mites are among the worst pests that can hit any home. The tips above can do a lot in stopping the infestation and ensuring the good health of your family.

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