5 Ways to Prevent Soil Erosion in Your Property

Farmer planting young seedlings of lettuce salad in the vegetable garden

The last thing you want to happen to your residential property is for it to experience soil erosion. This can destroy your house, as it weakens the foundation. It should be acted upon if you do not want to lose your home completely. Here are some of the ways to prevent it:

Build rain gutters on your roof

To lessen the chances of soil erosion on your Utah property, you may want to have a set of rain gutters on your roof. If you are not familiar with this home feature, you should know now that rain gutters are helpful in stopping soil erosion in any kind of property. This is because it redirects rainwater to certain locations so that the impact on the soil’s stability will be minimized. Make sure that you get your rain gutters from the right source, though.

Put some plants and vegetation around your property

Plants and other types of vegetation are going to be a lot of help when stopping erosion. Case in point: Ground cover like grasses helps the soil in staying put, which lessens the chance of surface erosion. You may also want to place deep-rooted plants in the property so that it will help hold on to the soil in its area. Trees are going to have an even bigger impact as they have larger and deeper roots.

Mulch areas to stop surface erosion

There is a good chance that you have never heard of mulching, and we don’t blame you. It is an effective way to stop the threats of soil erosion while also preventing the growth of weeds. Plus, it can also contribute to the health of your tree because it can buffer the extreme temperatures. Make sure that you mulch areas that do not have plants in it so that there will be no growth. Mulch could be made up of paper, sawdust, and other materials.

Be smart in using your automatic sprinkler

automatic sprinkler watering grass in the yard

Automatic sprinklers may be efficient if you want your garden to look healthy, but it can cause erosion. You have to make sure that you get enough water for your plants without the soil on the surface of the land being washed away. Why is this so? When the amount of water exceeds the capacity of the soil to absorb, there will be a runoff. This excess water can facilitate surface erosion.

Improve drainage in the area

The effectiveness of the drainage system in your property is going to have an impact for sure. A good drainage system has pipes that filter the water into water collection systems with minimal soil erosion. Otherwise, the rainwater will just wash off and eliminate the top level of the land. If there is heavy water runoff in the property, you may want to install an underground perforated pipe.

Soil erosion poses a huge threat to your property and investment. If you want your house to last more than a few years, you should act on the soil erosion problem right away.


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