New Year, New Garden Look: Ways to Redecorate Your Outdoor Space

Woman doing backyard gardening

Now that 2019 is officially here, it’s about time to give your home a new look as a sign of a fresh beginning. For this makeover project, there’s no better place to start than your outdoor space. After all, this is the very first thing people notice whenever they pass by your home, or you have guests coming over during special celebrations.

The challenge is finding a design that matches the overall look of your home. Here are the most basic yet stylish changes you can do to your garden. From utilizing Versailles planters provided by firms like Authentic Provence to changing the paint and surfaces, you’ll find a variety of decorating advice you can use for your own garden.

Single Accent Piece

Rather than throwing a bunch of decorations in your garden, why don’t you focus on a single accent piece? From there, you could proceed into styling your home based on the element you’ve chosen. It’s easier this way and creates a much more unified flow on how things will look like.

Say, you find an antique-looking planter, you can come up with a layout that will highlight this piece. This could give off a more organized and refined look.

Experiment With Colors

The great thing about your outdoor space is you can add as many color schemes as you can without even overdoing it. This is because you’re not only limited to using paints, ornaments and other normal decorating stuff.

You can extend this play of colors all the way to the floral and faunas you have in your garden. Your outdoor space will even look livelier and brighter when you use more hues and shades in it. The trick is finding the perfect place for every plant or flower you have.

Reuse and Repurpose

Landscaped garden with furnituresSometimes, you don’t necessarily need to spend that much to find the perfect piece to go with your garden. You just need a moment to take a good long look at the items you’re throwing, and you’ll certainly find something fresh.

For example, you can turn an old cupboard or cabinet into a mini flower box or repurpose it into a garden tool storage. An old coffee table, meanwhile, can make the perfect stand for your outdoor lamps or favorite plants. With a little bit of creativity, you can certainly find a new purpose for old items.

Rethink the Symmetry

If you’re getting tired of seeing the same parade of decor in your space, try to glam things up a little bit by changing their alignment or direction. Instead of going for the same old vertical or horizontal movement, you may go for diagonal, alternate or even asymmetrical flow. This will certainly bring a fresh look to your space.

When it comes to pimping up the yard, there are virtually endless ideas you can try. You just need to bring out a pinch of your creativity to make it more unique. There’s just one thing you need to remember when doing makeover projects such as this one: Sometimes, less is more. You don’t have to practically fill your garden with decorations. It’s only a matter of finding what items must stay and go.

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