A Guide to Fireplace Accessories

fireplace in a modern designed living room

Lighting a fire in your living room has two obvious challenges. First, how do you not set your house on fire? Secondly, how do you stop smoke from spilling into the room? The fireplace has managed to solve those two issues as it is made from materials that do not burn, and it sends smoke up the chimney. More importantly, a fireplace generates draft. It creates a column of heated gas in the chimney. Whether you own electric, wood, or gas fireplaces in Salt Lake City, draft helps to create a steady flow of oxygen to keep the fire burning through convection. Traditional fireplaces heat by radiation. Convection will send hot gas up the chimney and pull in air into the flame. Whatever the case, the following accessories make the fireplace more comfortable to have:

Tools and grates

Fireplace tools include hearth brooms, poker, and shovels that are necessary for cleaning ash. You may also need other tools like tongs to move logs and hoes to rotate ashes and allow air to circulate in the flame. Some people like to use bellows to blow air into the fire when it starts to falter. It is never a smart idea to build a fire on the hearth. A fire built on the floor will not burn well because air will not get in. It may also cause the hearth to wear prematurely. Without a grate, measure the depth of the heath and its back and front width. You can then pick up a grate from your local shop for the fireplace. Be sure to pick one made of cast iron if you want it to last.


Some people prefer an andiron for the place of grates. However, when logs start burning down, the andiron will not hold them up. The logs collapse on the firebox. Andirons help with the ambiance and decoration. By merely sliding rear legs below the grate, you create a picturesque look. Some people buy shanks for the andirons. Shanks are particularly helpful for shallow fireboxes.

Spark screen and fireplace doors

woman relaxing with a mug of tea in the living room near the fireplace with door A spark screen can be a hanging mesh, a folding or rigid screen, or an attached gate. The idea of the screen is to keep the area around the fire safe. Fireplace doors are also recommended for any fireplace. They are tempered doors installed in a framework of metal that you fit into the opening of the fireplace. Sometimes the fireplace door is sold with a spark screen. The screen can either be louvered or hanging meshes to help adjust airflow when the doors shut. The most significant benefit of having a fireplace door is that you can close it at bedtime to minimize the loss of heat and to protect you from inhaling smoke.

Like with other things, fireplace accessories will get better as the prices go high. However, consider other aspects during your purchase like beauty and durability. For instance, a cheap fireplace door may look alright during the first year but deteriorate in the subsequent years.

Consider also the type of finish, and whether or not it can be improved should it wear off. The last thing you want is your fireplace becoming an eyesore.

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