A Guide to Solving Common HVAC Problems

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Winter is once again about to happen in the country, and Utah residents are expected to prepare accordingly. Gleaning from experts such as American Comfort Air, residents should invest in furnaces and other heating systems for their homes. However, like any other appliance, heaters need proper maintenance to stay functional throughout the year. The following are common furnace problems that professionals can solve:

Insufficient Heat

When a furnace has the wrong size, it can cause the system to provide insufficient heat. The inhabitants of the building will be inconvenienced, especially in colder months. A furnace expert can replace the appliance with one that has the appropriate size. Doing so will ensure that the area and its residents get enough heat.

Unnecessary Noise

Although furnaces are generally noisy, squeaks and rattles signal that there is a problem inside. These sounds might be a result of airflow reduction, a clogged burner, or other mechanical problems that only professionals can discern.

Dirty Air Filters

If the air filter of the furnace is clogged with too much dirt, it will pose sanitary problems for the household. Furnace experts should replace the filters once a month or as advised by the manufacturer.

Dust is the greatest foe of your house’s heating and cooling system. After all, it can waste fuel and significantly reduce performance. Moreover, dust affects the essential components of the system. Thus, cleaning is a crucial part of daily maintenance. Lubricating and aligning the furnace’s belt are also necessary.

Wear and Tear

HVAC technician checking meterEventually, the furnace would show signs of wear and tear due to daily use. This can be solved by replacing the defective parts and repairing the fixable ones. Like the other problems mentioned above, professional service is needed to replace the parts correctly.

Before repairing any HVAC system, you should turn it off. Look for the central electrical panel and push the fuse that guides the energy to the unit. If you feel unsure, remove the primary fuse and trip the main circuit breaker to switch off all the power in your home. Some heaters have different power entrances, and they are usually close to the main entrance panel. If that is the case, transfer the fuse or trip the breaker.If the fuse breaks or the circuit always trips when the heater or air conditioning unit turns on, there might be a problem with the electrical system. When this happens, you should not try to repair the furnace on your own. Instead, contact a professional or expert.

To sum things up, owners with furnaces installed in their premises should make sure that these heating systems are working. With the help of a professional, you can check if your heater has problems, such as excessive noise, dirty filters, or worn-out parts. By maintaining a functional furnace, you should be able to stay warm throughout winter.

The perfect time to repair your furnace is at the end of summer. Since this is the off-season, you can usually receive a discount and enjoy fast services. Hence, you can have your air conditioning unit checked at the same time.

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