Water Filtration Systems and How They Work to Protect Your Family


Health concerns are on the rise, but so is the drive and innovations to lower the risks of diseases and to improve health. One method that is fast becoming popular among households is the installation of water filtration systems to help purify the water that’s being pumped into homes.

However, since there are many models available in the market today, you may wonder which would be perfect for your property. Read on for a short yet informative guide of modern water filtration systems that are effectively purifying many household water sources today.

Portable Filtration Systems

For those who cannot afford the bigger and bulkier filtration devices, a good alternative would be purchasing a portable filtration system. Though this is a smaller scale model with fewer functions, it still does the same job.

Examples of which are the coolers that have a built-in filtration system or other water storage devices that allow filtration accessories to be installed. Another advantage of using these portable units is that you’re assured you can drink clean water wherever you go since you can bring it around with you.

Whole House Filtration Equipment

Now, if you have the money to spare, go ahead and have a whole house water filtration system installed within your St. George residence.

With this kind of system, you can guarantee that the water from specific key areas in your home — like the kitchen and bathroom — are safe for use, whether for cooking or bathing. You wouldn’t even need to worry if you use it for brushing your teeth or gargling. Given the nature of this system, it’s highly recommended that you hire an expert plumber or professional plumbing company to work on and complete your installation.

Reverse Osmosis

Water filtration

You have probably heard of the term reverse osmosis, as most people praise it as one of the best modern methods for water purification.

This method uses special devices, like a deionization cartridge or a membrane, that screen and remove dangerous metals and other toxins that are present in plumbing, resulting in clean and potable water. The more advanced ones even have features that can imbue your water with certain minerals that are beneficial to the body.

Activated Carbon

This is another modern household method of water filtration, and perhaps the most common one. It involves the use of charcoal-based materials to trap harmful chemicals before it’s released through the taps or shower heads.

Keep in mind that this system is not as potent as the other methods mentioned, as some impurities like heavy metals can still pass through. It can even cause clogging in your pipes and would need regular upkeep and replacement. In the long run, this can get costly and could greatly affect your household’s budget.

Nowadays, more technological advances have been made to address concerns in our daily lives. Those that were major issues before are now made trivial thanks to these convenient devices and their continued modernization. With scientific devices such as these, families now have even fewer issues to worry about, giving them peace of mind and a better focus on upgrading their lives.

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