Air Pollution: Some Steps to Take to Stay Safe

Air Pollution

Living in a city means having to expose yourself to some air pollution as all the vehicles emit fumes that are not healthy for you. Moreover, construction projects and a lack of greenery means that there are particulates in the air. Even if you live somewhere relatively clean like Kansas City, which is the 62nd in the rank of air-polluted cities in the country, there are certain precautions that you should take to protect yourself and your loved ones. Here’s what to do to stay safe from air pollution:

Always check the air quality index

The air quality index tells you how your city is doing in terms of air pollution on any particular day. You can check this index to see how bad the air outside is. Various things affect air quality on any given day, including humidity, temperature, and wind patterns. This index is updated daily, and a warning is given if the air outside is not that clean. On certain days, it is not safe to breathe outside for a long time.

Keep your air filters clean

If you live in cities, your air filters and air ducts are more likely to get clogged and dirty. Make sure that you do air duct cleaning in Kansas City, especially during summer. The high temperatures mean that you need to keep appliances such as air conditioners running day and night. If you use your car for daily commuting, you should also clean your AC filters often to get the best performance and keep air pollutants out.

Wear a mask on bad-air days

On days when the air quality index says that it is not safe to be outside for a long time, you should wear an air mask during your commutes. In general, it is best to wear air masks if you are going to be outside for a long time and do a physical activity such as walking, jogging, or cycling. Keep your children safe by making them wear masks. Children are closer to the ground, where there are more pollutants settling.

Go out to nature often

If you live in the city, it is a good idea to go out to nature every weekend or whenever you get the chance. Breathing in some fresh air, having lunch in the park, or taking a shortcut through the park may make a welcome change for your lungs. Avoid smoking to save your lungs from the added stress.

Get indoor air filters

If you are really concerned about air pollution, you can get indoor filters that will clean the air inside your house. There are also natural solutions such as planting house plants that have an air filtration capacity or keeping greenery around your house.

If you take the right steps and do research, it is possible to keep yourself and your family safe from air pollution, even if you live in the city center. You just have to remember to be aware of the air quality outside before heading out for the day.

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