What to Do When You Find out You Have Mold in Your Home

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It’s every homeowner’s worst nightmare to go into the basement after a while and discover the dark shapes of mold taking root in the corners. It usually means costly remediation. In Colorado, where rain is a constant, mold is a huge problem to property owners. It is so harmful because not only can it damage your foundation and exteriors of walls, but it can also cause a huge threat to health. Your first instinct might be to panic when you find mold, but here’s what you should do instead:

Ventilate the room

The first thing that you should do when you spot mold is to open a window; you don’t want to be breathing in all of it. Your room needs proper ventilation if you have a mold infestation. Make sure that outside air can get in. Leave all the windows and doors open, unless that will cause more water to get in. If you have exhaust fans, turn them on. But make sure that you perform air duct cleaning afterwards. Castle Rock has professionals who can help you get all the mold spores out of your vents.

Find any sources of water and waterproof it

Mold is most commonly caused by water damage. The next thing you should do is to check for where the water damage is coming from. Usually, it’s leaks in the pipe or roof or moisture building up inside from condensation. Address the cause of the water damage immediately, and take steps to waterproof it, however temporary. You can put in a layer of waterproof paint, or even a plastic sheet will do for the time being.

Dry out the room

You are going to have to dry out that room. Going the natural way is too slow, especially if you live in a warm and humid climate. While sunlight works wonders, you can’t always get sunlight in winter or if the mold is taking root in the basement. The ideal timeline for drying out the room is usually within a day or two. Sometimes, you may need to bring in large, rented industrial fans to aid the drying process. Putting in heat lamps also works wonders.

Call the professionals

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Mold remediation can be expensive, but in advanced cases, this is your only option. If the mold damages too large of an area, it becomes an environmental hazard, and you should follow EPA guidelines while cleaning it. Call the professionals as they have the proper equipment to ensure that no spores remain in your home. It may also be dangerous for you to handle certain types of mold without the right protective gear such as gloves. It is especially important to handle the situation with care if you have children, elderly people, or patients living in your house or frequently using your property.

Mold is a difficult problem to work around and fix, especially if the root cause has not been addressed. Always take preventive measures to avoid its growth in the first place. But if it does, know what to do instead of despairing.

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