All About Cracks: The Signs and the Solution

White wall with crack

Many homeowners are eager to know the condition of their property’s foundation. And it’s understandable – the longer it takes for them to detect signs of potential damage, the costlier the repair will be. Even the littlest of cracks should not be ignored because they can be a precursor to bigger structural problems down the foundation. The last thing you want to happen is your precious home’s value plummeting due to serious foundation damage.

Warning signs

Good thing, there are different signs of foundation problems. Check the floors first. If there are cracks, there might very well be an issue. This is especially true when cracks in the basement extend up to the wall and ceiling. There are instances the cracks serve as shelter to different types of bugs.

In some cases, walls start to separate from the ceiling, creating a gap. Same with doors and windows creating gaps around the frames. Be wary of uneven, sagging floors, mysterious pools near slab foundation, and crooked or jammed doors as well. They are common signs of damage.

Some signs of foundation damage are rather smelt and felt rather than seen – weird, musty scents from the underground room and unusual indoor humidity. These are all signals that there is something wrong with the concrete foundation and that something has to be done before it’s too late.

The solution

Worker fixing the house floorFoundation damage should be immediately resolved to avoid further damage and significant expenses later on. You need to consult professionals right away. Concrete lifting contractors can provide solutions to your problem. They are experienced in repairing foundations and preventing related structural damages.

Mudjacking is the most common answer to foundation-related issues. It is a process wherein concrete slabs are lifted back to its original position and filled with mud (a mixture of water, soil, and sand) to stabilize it. Only trained contractors are allowed to carry out this process to repair settling foundations.

According to contractors such as offering mud jacking in Ogden, the process offers a number of benefits. For one, it is a lot quicker and cheaper compared to the old rip-and-replace method. In this traditional process, the old concrete is broken, removed, and replaced with a new one. Another benefit is it allows almost immediate use, no need to wait for almost a month such as in the case of concrete replacement. With mud jacking, the treated area can be used 24 to 48 hours after the treatment.

As the operation happens indoors, mud jacking can be done in any kind of weather. In addition, the concrete lifting process will not involve excavation – you don’t have to worry about your precious landscaped lawn getting any damage.

You see, those unsightly cracks don’t mean it’s the end of your beloved home. There is a way to deal with structural problems such as foundation damage. All you have to do is to consult with a reputable contractor once you see the signs. Make sure you find a licensed concrete lifter to ensure safe and successful operation.

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