Guide to Fences: Five Popular Fencing Materials and their Advantages

Black iron fence with fragments

There are different types of fencing materials in the market today. Some are designed for specific fencing applications while others suit just about any fencing project. They come at different prices and offer varied benefits. When planning to install new fences on your property, it pays to know your options first. Here is a quick guide to the different fencing solutions you can choose from.

1. Aluminum fence

Aluminum is one of the most popular fencing materials. It comes in different designs, making it a great decoration in your front yard or commercial property. Another great thing about aluminum fences is they require little to no maintenance. While this type of fencing is attractive and versatile, it may not be a great option as a security border. It is not as strong as other types of fences.

2. Vinyl fence

If you’re looking for a more modern alternative to traditional fences, vinyl is a smart choice. It is made from a strong and durable type of plastic. Vinyl is a reliable material because it does not rot, warp, blister, peel, or corrode. According to fence installation companies Salt Lake City, high-quality vinyl fences are resistant to fading and discoloration even when installed under the sun. Like aluminum fences, vinyl fences can be quite pricey.

3. Chain link fence

Metallic chain link fence up closeChain link fencing may not be the best choice when it comes to privacy, but it does serve as a good fence or enclosure. It is durable and requires very little maintenance. Compared to other materials, chain link is much cheaper but offers ample perimeter protection. If you plan to install chain link fence but wish to limit the views of your home from the outside, consider planting some shrub or vines or adding some privacy slates.

4. Wrought iron fence

Wrought iron fence will give your property a classic, beautiful style. They come in a wide variety of designs. You can even have them customized according to your style preferences. While wrought iron is strong and beautiful, one major downside is its maintenance requirements. You have to sand and repaint it every two to three years to maintain its appeal. While the upfront and maintenance costs can be considered high, wrought iron remains a great choice if you want to make a statement with your perimeter fencing and gate.

5. Wooden fence

Wood fences add charm to your property. Due to its traditional appeal, your home will look homelier, warmer, and more inviting. This fencing solution, however, is not just about aesthetics. It is also an effective visual and noise barrier. Depending on the style you go for, wooden fences can give you the right amount of privacy. While wood in itself is naturally beautiful, you have other options to make it more interesting such as coating and painting. Rot and damage due to weather elements are typical, but your wood fences will do just great and stay beautiful and durable for a long time with constant care and maintenance. You may also consider DIY bamboo fencing, which is also popular nowadays.

These are only some of your fencing options. Your local fencing company will surely have other wonderful choices for you. Make a wise comparison of the available fencing materials so you can decide which one suits your property the best. Work with a reputable contractor, so you get quality product and service.

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