Backyard Builds that Are Worth the Effort

woman gardening on her backyard

These days, most Australian homes come with a big yard, but not everyone is into gardening and maintaining a lawn is all but impossible. However, some great projects can make use of that space and maybe even improve the value of your house.

A Multifunctional Granny Flat

Backyard cabins or granny flats are growing in popularity because of their usefulness and versatility. Even if you don’t have family members living with you, extra space outside the house can always be put to good use. You can use the cabin as a workshop for your DIY projects, giving you a little bit of privacy and keeping your power tools away from the kids. If you like to bake, you can quickly build a backyard cabin tailored for your baking needs. Private office, children’s playroom, music room, game room — you name it, and it can be built. You can even make a bit of money if you list your granny flat as an Airbnb or merely rent it out. Using it as a rental requires minimal modifications, and the cabin will be quite ready for the folks once they decide to move in.

A Pool to Beat the Heat

backyard pool

Building a pool might be a significant endeavor, but it will raise your property value significantly. A pool will make entertaining guests a lot easier, and your kids can throw pool parties for their friends. Of course, you’ll be given more hosting duties by your friends, and there might be a few more school kids running around your yard. Swimming is a great fitness activity for both you and your family, and you’ll never know when being able to swim might just come in handy. If you want to lose a bit of weight, merely wading in a pool can be a lot of help. Water continuously disperses your body heat, and your body reacts by burning fats to make sure you maintain a steady temperature. When summer comes, you have a place to cool off. The water in your pool also makes the surrounding areas a little bit cooler.

A Productive Greenhouse

While a simple garden can be enough for most plants, individual plants require more stable environments. Building a modern greenhouse allows you to grow more valuable crops and plants, especially the five-fingered variety. The legalization of cannabis — and the growing demand for it — gives cannabis growers a vast potential to earn big money. You will probably need to acquire a license and make contact with companies and distributors who can legally sell your crops. As of now, an ounce of cannabis is almost 20 times more expensive than silver, averaging close to $300. Of course, if marijuana isn’t your thing, you can always grow conventional crops in your greenhouse.

In the end, whether it’s a granny flat, a swimming pool, or a greenhouse, these projects are sound investments that can raise your house’s property value or even provide additional sources of income for you and your family.

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