Choices and Changes: A Guide to Making Tough Decisions and Not Regretting It Later

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It’s inevitable to stumble upon crossroads in life. The only way to move forward is to choose a path. But for sure, you know well that’s not the easiest to do, given that the path you want defines what your future will be, and in a way, who you are.

So when you’re confronted with tough choices, say, work far from home or stay at your hometown, get married or be single for life, career or love, it can be downright paralyzing. How do you move forward and choose the right path? There’s really no formula, but these can hopefully give you enlightenment.

See past your current situation

As mentioned, tough decisions are tough because they will influence, if not dictate, your future. It has far-reaching consequences. That’s why it’s important to look at those when deciding. You can’t be short-sighted and consider just the benefits you’ll gain immediately after picking a choice.

You have to focus on long-term gains more. So for instance, in the choice between working in another state or staying at your hometown, jot down the rewards you’ll get in the long run for each. The former will, perhaps, give you a chance to expand your network, which can amp up career opportunities and learnings.

The latter, on the other hand, gives you the chance to establish yourself already where you are, making you a valuable professional as well. Weigh these two and see which better reflects the long-term gains you envision.

Differentiate the ‘head’ from the ‘heart’ choice

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Too often, people are unaware that they’re deciding out of emotions. In the end, they are regretful about it because they couldn’t take it back anymore. They couldn’t go back to the promising job they left. They couldn’t sell back the new house they got.

It’s okay to feel feelings when you’re deciding, but you also should know how to tame them and keep them from clouding your sensible judgment. When you feel the urge to resign from your job and work somewhere else or buy in an instant this beautiful house you saw by the lake, take a pause and check your emotions.

And consider the objective pros and cons of the decision. If your decision comes from the fact that leaving the job would expose you to other avenues for career growth or that buying that house is a sound investment on paper, then, by all means, make that choice.

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Ask yourself what if I fail

There’s no assurance that your decision will be smooth-sailing. There will be disappointments once you’re there. Worse, it could be one big failure. Now, you have to consider the cost of that. Not just in financial terms, but in the emotional aspect.

Can you handle the frustration and sadness of being disillusioned at your new job? Can you overcome the home buyer’s remorse, if ever? If you think you can pull through and that you have enough support system during the trying times, then go with it.

Otherwise, it might be wise to stay where you are until you’re ready to make that leap or on the flip side, consider other options.

Crossroads are defining moments in life. On the one hand, that’s the very thing that makes it stressful and overwhelming. But on the other hand, there’s a benefit in the end, provided that you choose the right path. Pick the right one by remembering these thought-processing strategies mentioned.

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