Pack Like the Pros: Top Things To Do for a Long Move


It’s a week or so until your big move and after calling the moving company, setting up paperwork, and taking care of getting to your new home, it’s time to pack. Most people often don’t move enough to have a greater knowledge of how exactly they should pack things in the most efficient manner. This can delay the moving process quite a bit.

Fortunately, there are plenty of tips that you can use to pack your things properly and get rid of those you don’t need anymore. These strategies are used by professionals, such as providers of moving services in Broward County all the way to movers in San Francisco’s Bay area, and everything in between. And while you can’t certainly pack everything in one go, the following tips can make the job easier.


The first rule of packing is making sure you know what to pack. The best way to make sure of this is to clean your place before tossing anything into any box. While you may think that it’s pointless to do so since you’ll be leaving anyway, cleaning allows you to separate the valuables from the clutter and gives you an overview of what you actually own.


Not for new things but rather, things that you can put your items in. We’re talking about containers, such as boxes, trunks, suitcases, or anything that can store your belongings safely and reliably in transit. Remember that not all boxes are created equal and not all of your things can fit in one box, so be prepared to shell out a little bit for this. Even better, have your moving service help.


unplugging devices

This has more to do with packing your utilities along with you than anything else, but one of the last things you want to receive in the mail in your new place is the bill for your old one. Many people often forget to disconnect their devices (especially home assistants that they need to bring along) before or in the middle of moving. If it’s plugged, unplug it; if it works, it shouldn’t once you step out of the door.


After the cleaning comes sorting. Choosing which goes into what box is half science, half art, and your personal feelings can get in the way of most of the sorting job. But it’s important to keep a practical mindset when it comes to bringing stuff to your new place. Ask yourself this: Are the memories here still going to be relevant to where I’m going?


Finally, you need to know where everything is even while you’re in transit. Not only does this help you identify which box contains what; it also allows you to unpack things easier if you have sorted them into like piles. Moving companies will also recommend that you do this to save their staff the headache of knowing which box they can reasonably toss in the truck and which ones they need to lift with a little more precision and care.
Now that you know the ins and outs of packing prior to moving, you can easily prepare for the big day.

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