Nest for Nurture: Creating a Bird-Friendly Environment in Your Garden

Green lawn in a colorful landscaped formal garden

Don’t you love the view of your garden in the morning along with the peaceful and clean air, with the silence broken only by sounds of chirping birds? While a lot of people would prefer to keep them as pets, it’s still majestic to see them flying around your garden and then go about their daily business.

After all, that’s what they were created for. But what other people don’t really know is that birds choose the environment they want to reside in. You can make some adjustments to your garden to make it friendlier for our flying friends and here are some of those.

Local Greenery

Lots of birds prefer certain plants or trees as their home. It helps to go for planting greenery that’s found from within the community. Using foreign species may throw birds off and discourage them from staying in your area.

It’s understandable to wish to beautify your garden with everything you can think of, but with local plants, you can also promote local businesses such as topsoil delivery in Grande Prairie, Canada.

Matching your garden with the rest of the area’s vegetation could also be helpful for birds that naturally live within your community since that’s where they are used to and makes it easier for them to approach your property.

Environment-friendly Pest Control

Controlling pests doesn’t have to mean eradicating the environment. You have to be able to draw the line between control and total annihilation. Aside from the plants, animals, including birds, will also be affected negatively. Try to choose pesticides that are environmentally friendly.

In fact, you can even create your own using easy to find ingredients such as garlic and water. You just have to find the right recipe online. Once you’ve achieved this, you can expect the abundance of birds within your garden and possibly the immediate area as well.

Plus, birds themselves can serve as natural pesticides. Some of them are natural predators to certain insects and could contribute to controlling their population while enjoying a feast in return.


two hummingbirds in flight on the ping flower

Water is essential for all life: humans, animals, and plants alike. And what better way to attract wildlife than having plenty of it? Birds need lots of water, especially for flying long distances and surviving the summer heat.

Objects such as bird baths have form and function, meaning they can look beautiful in your garden while being able to provide the necessary hydration for the creatures. There are also variations of seed dispensers that include water containers so they can both eat and drink. With these at your disposal, the birds are sure to tell their friends about it.

Isn’t it beautiful to appreciate birds when they’re flying free in your lawn and garden? And don’t think that this is just a one-way relationship.

Birds are beneficial for your garden and the environment as a whole. These are just some of the little things you can do for these wonderful creatures, and in return, we get to enjoy their presence and help us in beautifying our garden.

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