Give Your Windows a Touch of Old World Design

Vintage window with shutters

Windows were in the past, basically a functional element. Nowadays, however, they make an integral element of decor in residential and commercial spaces. With the right type of window treatment for your property, you can boost its appearance. Furthermore, it will increase your privacy and make your space inviting and warm.

There are two primary categories of window treatments–hard and soft. Hard window treatments include factory-made options like shutters, blinds, and shades. Many window companies in Kansas City offer to install shutters to your window frame, on the interior or exterior. They have horizontal slats that can be tilted up and down to control the sunlight coming in, enhance your privacy and security, and improve aesthetics. The following are the style options available for your interior window shutters:

Café-Style Shutters

These are meant to cover the lower part of your windows. They are ideal for ground floor rooms where passersby might peep into your property. The top part of café-style shutters generally has nothing. You can, however, go for curtains or Roman blinds to prevent the harsh sun rays in the evenings. If you will keep the shutters primarily closed, go for wide slat panels since these allow a slight tilt. Narrow panels work best for café-style shutters meant for regular opening since they can be folded discreetly.

Tier-on-Tier Shutters

These are at times called double hung shutters. They allow the opening of the top section independently from the bottom part. They are an ideal pick for those looking for privacy but also want maximum light in their interiors. You can tilt the slats of the lower panels on tier-on-tier shutters, allowing maximum light flow while retaining your privacy. The perfect choice for these shutters is those with narrow panels that are hinged together.  They fold neatly into each other when open and keep your windows clear.

Shaker Style Shutters

Orange house with shutter windows

These are solid and flat shutters that act like blackout curtains and allow no light into your room. They are the ideal choice for bedrooms for lazy weekend sleeps and other rooms like home theaters where minimal light is preferred.  Shaker style shutters are available in varied colors and are easy to match with your room décor.

Full Height Shutters

These are meant to cover the entire window length and are a popular choice for windows that are not as tall. They mimic a window’s natural design and feature matching panes for maximizing the light filtering through them. Full height shutters come in different panel configurations and mounting options to suit all design requirements.

Shutters for most people mean a cookie-cutter window treatment design. The variety of style options available, however, prove that your shutters need not be the same ones as the rest on your street. Interior shutters can be further customized to suit various window heights and shapes and your available budget. But they will only work for your windows when professionally installed. Moreover, you should consult an expert to know which designs will work best for your property based on the weather, its orientation, and your needs.

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