Designing Your Windows To Bring Luck

living room with a glass window, in a wood flooring, cream sofa, and fireplace

Some people are naturally superstitious, and they believe that their actions and even the placement of certain things in their homes will bring bad or good luck in their lives. In Chinese tradition, this ancient art and science that is concerned with boosting the “energy” of your homes is called Feng Shui. If we are to follow this pseudoscience, it believes that doors and windows can block and reduce the undesirable stimulations from outside and take only the most vital and positive energies.

If you are to enter in window treatment stores in NJ, you will notice that a lot of them, though subconsciously, follow the traditions of Feng Shui. May they be blinds, curtains, drapery, fabrics, shadings, and film, windows become the “eyes” of the house. They are the crucial outlets that let natural light inside the house.


According to Chinese beliefs, the top of the window should be taller than your height. This improves the confidence of the occupants of the house, and it prevents them from having to bend down to look out. A window of the right size also lets more natural light into the house that gives a warm glow to the interior.


The window should neither be too small or too large. If the window is too large, it will let out the positive energy from the house, and if the window is too small, it will lead to insufficient energy and light. Generally, the window should be smaller than your front door. If the window is too large, you can install blinds that will “split” the window into several “parts.”


The number of windows a house needs depends on the indoor ventilation of the house. It is best to avoid placing three windows side by side because such a large space may vacuum out the peace in the room and according to Chinese Feng Shui, this can lead to a restless house and family feud.


Pointed or triangle-shaped windows are to be avoided at all costs. Homes should have circular windows or windows with arches because these give a sense of tranquillity and peace. Circular and square windows are suitable for bedrooms, kitchens, and living rooms. In restaurants and offices, square windows are a feeling of affirmation and excitement.


The borders of the windows and the walls should have contrasting colors. This will create a frame-like illusion where the windows could be like natural landscape paintings that brings vitality and creativity into any home.


living room with windows located at the east side, green carpet and grey sofas

The direction of the windows is also essential in Feng Shui. The Chinese prefer east-facing and southeast-facing windows because the sun rises in the east and therefore, the east-facing windows will bring spirit, warmth, and positivity into your homes. On the other hand, the north-facing and north-west facing windows take in harmful energy that is not beneficial to the health of those living in the house.

Though it can be tiresome to follow the principles of Feng Shui, there’s nothing wrong with trying to bring in a bit of luck to your homes and lives with some ancient Chinese tradition and science. We can all use some peace, tranquillity, and prosperity in our lives.

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