Don’t Ruin Your Clothes and Washing Machine

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While your washing machine is supposed to do your dirty laundry a favor, there are times when it does otherwise. You may have experienced (once or twice) less than perfect results, such as smelly clothes, shrunken fabric, and damaged laundry. This is not necessarily due to a faulty machine, but mostly of the way you use the machine and your other laundry habits.

You see, some people have a tendency to disregard reading a product’s manual and just instinctively operate a new machine. This can work sometimes, but most of the time it only causes problems for the use. For one, the machine is at risk of breaking, and as mentioned earlier, you can experience less than desirable results.

It just goes to say that a lot of hassles can be avoided with proper knowledge of how to use your washing machine, as well as the right laundry habits. But let’s focus more on our habits. Washer repair experts in Millcreek share the habits that can ruin your clothes and appliance:

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  • Ignoring or not reading the (care/laundry) tags. Care or label tags are there for a reason, and that is to let you know how clothing items should be cleaned or cared for. Failing to read these tags can cause color bleeding, fabric shrinkage, and other damages to your precious clothes.
  • Forgetting to sort your clothes. Leaving your laundry unsorted can cause the clothes to shrink and the fabric colors to bleed. Sorting can take a few minutes, but this will give you pleasing results, as your clothes will come out fresh and the same color they originally were. You can sort your laundry by color, fabric, or soil level. You can check out this article for sorting and laundry tips.
  • Using a lot of detergent. Putting extra detergent doesn’t necessarily mean that your clothes will come out cleaner. Instead, it is more likely that the washer will have a hard time rinsing or breaking down the detergent. This leaves residual soap that will stick to your clothing or wind up on the interior of your appliance and damage its parts. Too much detergent can also discolor your clothes and give them a murky feeling.
  • Not leveling your washing machine. Leveling the appliance is essential for proper operation. If the floor under the machine is not balanced or leveled, efficiency problems are likely, as well as noise, vibrations, and detergent residue. It may also prevent the washer from draining properly. A quick fix is placing a plywood platform with an uneven base to compensate the floor’s unevenness. Here are a few other tips on leveling your washer.

Don’t ruin your clothes and appliance with these mistakes. If you practice good laundry habits, then you can spare yourself the frustration from substandard laundry results. If you do have good habits but still experience problems, than it’s likely that the machine is the problem. If you’re dealing with broken or an inefficient washer, don’t hesitate to call an appliance repair expert today.

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