Furniture Pieces You Can Create from Repurposed Old Wood

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Repurposing old and solid wood into new furniture at home is becoming a hot trend among many homeowners. You probably already have old solid pieces of wood lying around that you can transform into something new with a little sanding, sawing, effort, time, and patience.

If you’re not confident with your woodworking skills or don’t know what pieces you should add to your home, you can always consult with a professional. That’s why in Singapore, many homeowners are turning to interior design firms to help turn their visions for their homes into reality.

To help you out, here are some projects you can work on using old pieces of wood—even reclaimed onesto give your home decor an upgrade. 

Old Chairs

If you have old wooden chairs that you want to replace, instead of chucking them in the bin, repurpose them into unique furniture pieces. A simple project that you can do if transforming them into a unique bench. You can do this by simply removing the seats, connecting the legs of 2 to 3 wooden chairs in the front, and add refurbished wooden planks across them, giving you a new bench seat.

Another project you can do with old wooden chairs is using it as a plant holder by cutting a hole in the middle of the seat large enough to fit a potted plant.

Old Ladders

If you own a wooden ladder, it may not be the best idea to use it for climbing again. Instead, you can transform it into a unique furniture piece for your home. A popular project that you can do with ladders is turning them into shelves. For instance, if you have a free-standing ladder, you can open it as usual and place it on its sides, creating unique shelves. If you have single-sided ladders, hang it horizontally on your walls, allowing the sides of it to serve as mini shelves where you can showcase small trinkets.

Old Windows

Repurpose your old wooden windows by transforming them into a shelf system, adding more storage and style to your space. You can hang the old wood frame horizontally or vertically on your wall before placing the shelves, then add small wooden planks along the top or bottom edge of the window. Another project you can make with old windows is turning them into headboards for your bed.

Old Doors

If you have old solid wooden doors, don’t throw them away as it can offer you a big piece to work with for different projects. A simple repurposing idea you can make with doors is using them as the top part of a large coffee table by attaching it to four individual legs. If you’re looking to add more life to your home, you can transform a plain solid wooden door into a fun headboard that you can design freely and attach it directly to the wall horizontally.

Other furniture projects you can do with old wood doors are using them to create tall shelves, coat racks, unique room dividers, and a leaning or wall mirror.

Old Pallets

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Pallet furniture has been trending in the home décor in recent years because they’re inexpensive and provide a unique rustic look that appeals to many homeowners. You can do several projects with these versatile wood pieces, including a wall-mounted wine rack, coat racks, headboards, benches, etc.

Explore your imagination and bring your woodworking skills to the test by tackling any of these projects, allowing you to create beautiful additions to your house, making your home more comfortable, stylish, and functional.

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