Having Proper Signage Grows Your Business

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Many businesses have wised up to the value of having custom signs announcing their presence. Such signs grab the attention of passersby, prompting them to come into the store and browse through the product offerings.

Carrying a range of quality products is not enough to give you an edge over the competition. Instead, you need to recruit an increasing number of new customers to your business every day. That is in addition to retaining a large portion of those shoppers and turning them into return customers.

Research indicates that repeat customers generate up to 40 percent of your business revenue. After the 4th purchase, a shopper is likely to become a lifetime customer for your brand. The trick here is to get them to make the first purchase and sample your products.

Grab the attention of passersby.

In the race to increase the foot traffic to your store, you can’t afford to be modest or hold back your punches. You’re involved in an all-out brawl with the competition. Therefore, you’re free to engage in shameless self-promotion. Thanks to modern technology, you can harness the power of imagination when creating your store signs. With the help of companies such as extremelaserutah.com, you can craft them from any material possible and have them in an eye-catching color. You can have them loud and proud as long as they draw people’s attention. Or you can have them as simple as possible in line with your brand image and reputation.

Studies show that 8 out of 10 shoppers have patronized a store because they were drawn in by their signage. A further 68 percent believe that signage is indicative of a company’s quality of service and products. Sixty percent of shoppers won’t enter a store or business without signage.

Harness the power of impulse buying.

From childhood, human beings have been conditioned to derive joy from receiving new things. That is why you find people buying new stuff they don’t necessarily need. With the proper signage, you can draw lots of people into your store and let the allure of impulse buying do the rest.

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Studies show that most people spend up to 40 percent more money in a store than they had initially planned. Further research shows that most people spend about $30 weekly on impulse purchases. Increasing your foot traffic increase the likelihood of getting people to drop this money at your store.

Make it easy to navigate.

Clearly labeled aisles and shelves make it easier for the shoppers to find their way around the store. They won’t waste precious time trying to find their way around or looking for a specific product. Make their shopping experience enjoyable. A happy customer is not only likely to make a purchase but also likely to come back the next time. You want to turn many of the shoppers into regular customers.

Shoppers need a little nudge in the right direction to pick a business over the next one. With the help of custom signages, you can help your business stand out and grab the attention of the passersby. Doing so increases the amount of foot traffic coming in through your doors.

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