Home Renovation Ideas That Look Expensive But Are Actually Not

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It’s hard to look at your old house and feel satisfied when you know certain areas need renovation that you cannot afford. You’ve been putting off renovation because you don’t have enough money and you don’t want to stop halfway through, leaving the part of the house unusable and even more prone to damages.

But will you ever get the right amount of money if you always come up with more ideas to make the renovation feel more luxurious? Stop daydreaming and start renovating on a budget. And if the finished room looking cheap is your concern, you’ll be surprised to know these can be cost-effective despite their good reputation:

Concrete Flooring

The biggest part of the room that provides the most noticeable change is the flooring. That’s why homeowners with a little more budget to spare will go out of their way to choose expensive flooring materials. For those who have a tight budget, does this mean boring floors?

That’s a hard no. All you have to do is find the best concrete floor design in Salt Lake City and think of the colors you want your floor to have, so you can select the right dyes.

Concrete is strong, and on top of that, it’s versatile. With the right treatment, it can look like marble or other more expensive flooring materials even if you’re not paying for the premium price. Seal your floor properly, and they can withstand dirt, water, and grit, too.

Tile Stickers

Home interior design materialsDreaming of a backsplash that your neighbors will envy? You don’t need to splurge to get intricately designed tiles installed. There are self-adhesive tiles that come in several patterns, colors, and sizes to address any theme you want to go for.

Choose classic-looking backsplash or go with a bolder palette–your imagination is the limit, not your budget. The best part about using a less expensive backsplash option? You can easily change the look of your kitchen without causing significant damage to your savings.

Get matching tiles for the kitchen and bathroom to make the house look more expensive overall. Even better, combine several sticker tiles to come up with a design that’s uniquely yours. The latest trends can inspire it, but with your own twist.


Bare windows sure look cheaper than those dressed in beautiful curtains. However, fabrics may be more expensive if they are of higher quality. Consider whether you need thick curtains or blinds instead. Blinds are easy to maneuver and install, and cleaning is a breeze.

Their prices may not differ much from curtains, but seeing as curtains are made of fabrics that may get stained, discolored, or damaged, blinds are the more durable alternative.

Still want curtains? You have DIY options that can turn cheap fabrics into expensive-looking curtain with cut-out patterns. Or if you know basic sewing techniques, you can make your own curtains that can fit all windows around the house perfectly.

How much are you willing to spend on home renovations? It’s good to have a budget, but if not having a huge amount is what’s stopping you from making improvements, it’s time to consider a smarter and more cost-effective way of doing things.

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