Heating Misconceptions that Drive Winter Bills Up

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As a homeowner, consider employing heating-related cost reduction strategies in preparation for the winter. An HVAC contractor can help ensure that your home’s heating systems are in working condition and can correct any misconceptions you may have.

Below are several misconceptions about energy saving methods and suggestions on the ways that homeowners can reduce their costs.

Turning Thermostat Up

A common myth is that turning the thermostat up higher than normal will warm a house more quickly. However, heating systems do not provide more heat simply because temperature is set higher. A room will warm up at the same speed regardless of what the thermostat is set to. Turning the thermostat up will only heat the room to a warmer temperature and for longer periods of time. This can drive costs up, especially if you forget to change the thermostat back to its originally set temperature. Rooms may overheat and you waste additional amounts of money and energy. Additionally, some turn the heat up higher when the weather outside is colder. Keep in mind, however, that thermostats are meant to maintain internal temperature and will not affect weather and outside temperature.

Leaving Heat at Low Temperatures

Man adjusting the temperatureAnother misconception about home heating is it is cheaper and more energy efficient to leave heat running at low temperatures than to turn heating off completely and open it only when it gets cold. In addition, some claim that condensation can collect within walls every time heating is turned off. This can result in losses of heat and an increase in energy usage. At the extreme, no heating can freeze pipes and cause damage and flooding. However, leaving heat at low temperatures means heating is turned on when no one can benefit and the home is too cold when people are there. If you keep heating systems open unnecessarily all day, you also lose energy all day and this costs money. Consider adjusting timers so heating systems will not cause condensation and damage and are turned on only when you want them to be.

Ceiling Fans Exclusively for summer

The idea that ceiling fans can only be used to bring the breeze into a warm room during the summer is another myth. You can use fans to your advantage even in the winter. Change the fan’s spin to a clockwise direction so it pushes warm air from the ceiling down into the room. This allows warm air to rise again, re-circulating the air and making the room feel warmer. Using ceiling fans this way negates the need for heating systems to dispel extra energy.

Water Heater

Finally, the belief that water needs to be reheated constantly during the day to remain warm is a misconception. It is an unnecessary expense to keep the water heater open all day if the water tank has a good insulating jacket. Consider a timer to regulate your usage of hot water and ensure less expenditure even during the winter season.

Homeowners that recognize these myths as they are can turn to strategies more effective at reducing costs and saving energy.

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