How Busy Moms Can Achieve Better Remote Work-life Balance

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Even before the pandemic, many moms are already working from home. They like how having a remote job or even running their own business from home enables them to always be there for their young kids. But if you think this makes things easier, it doesn’t.

Working from home and being in-charge of childcare 24/7 can put one’s sanity to the test. Some kids need more care and attention than others. This can put you in a tricky situation where you struggle to find balance between work and your personal life.

Many moms working from home were able to work-life balance work. But it will require a few sacrifices, creating a routine, and lots of planning ahead. Here’s how you too can do the same.

Plan the Day Ahead

If you have a plan which composes of a set of routines, it gets a tad easier. A routine can give kids a sense of structure. They will more or less know what to expect and hopefully, how to behave.

Each night after tucking the kids to sleep, make it a point to plan your meal for the next day. If you can, prepare them ahead of a tie like every Sunday so that you will only need to reheat them during the week. This will give one less stressful thing to worry about.

If tomorrow is a big day, plan how you can keep an eye on the kids while getting things done. If you need to talk to an important client or need to attend an online conference, consider looking for someone to watch the kids for you. Make early babysitting arrangements and always have a backup babysitter just in case.

Compartmentalize your day to ensure you stay on top of your tasks at work without taking your family for granted. This allows you to divide your time effectively. Take notes, write on your sticky notes and put in alarms so you won’t forget anything.

Set Your Own Boundaries

There is no reason for you to try to do everything on your own. There is always someone who is willing to help you be it with taking care of the kids or the house. If you think your work is being affected, don’t hesitate to ask for help.

You should set boundaries for yourself so you can stay productive. It is best to have a set work hour so you can focus on your work alone during those restricted hours. This can mean hiring a nanny for the kids or asking a loved one to come over a few hours each week.

Also, while you work, explain to your kids and family members that you need not be disturbed during your work hours. You can prepare everything they might need beforehand to limit distractions. Once your working hours are here, focus on your job so you can finish within your set hours.

woman working from home on the couch with daughter

Reimagine Your Home to Maximize Your Productivity and Your Family’s Comfort

It won’t hurt to make home improvements and asking a pro to do this for you. You can ask a loved one to take care of the kids while you work and while contractors are working on your desired projects. Know that there are tons of projects worthy of your investment that can guarantee your family’s comfort and your convenience.

For instance, having motorized blinds around the house can increase your kids’ safety, maximize home efficiency, protect your interiors and maximize everyone’s comfort. Add this in your home office and you can automate this task without taking your eyes off of your job. If there are custom-made commercial window treatments like motorized blinds for businesses, you can consider this as a treat for yourself when improving your home office.

Replacing your old flooring with plush carpeting is another project you can consider investing in. Adding softness to your floors will increase your family’s comfort levels and boost your kid’s security. As for you who is working from home, the touch of luxury that plush carpeting brings can make your home office more attractive, thus boosting your productivity levels.

Improving your yard is another noteworthy project you can ask the pros to tackle for you. Adding a deck or patio, and having an easy to maintain yard gives the family more reasons to spend more time outdoors. You can take your work from your desk to your patio, the kids can read or play in the year, and everyone can be around nature to de-stress.

Working from home and tending to your family’s needs is nowhere easy. Sometimes, you can get end not having enough time to even take care of yourself. But know that there ways you achieve a work-life blend despite your crazy schedule. Don’t hesitate to ask for help, maintain a routine, and plan your day ahead. Improve your home in a way that will lead to better comfort, safety, and productivity. Know that you are one tough mama, and there is nothing you can do if you only put your mind to it.

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