Amazing Outdoor Extension Ideas to Enhance Your Home

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Regardless of how big the house extension you’re planning to start, it absolutely makes a difference in how you utilize your living space. You can create additional space for your outdoor hobby area, a place to relax and bond with the family, or even an area for your family events and gatherings.

Building a home extension is an amazing way to increase its value and enhance its aesthetic beauty. The problem is that such projects are not just pretty expensive but also require great work and time. Luckily for you, you always have the option to hire contractors to help you out. Not sure what outdoor extension you should go for? Check out our list of some awesome projects you can build.

Outdoor kitchen

One practical way to use your vacant outdoor area is to build an outdoor kitchen where you and your guests can enjoy an alfresco-like dining experience. You can equip it with food and drink prep areas, storage spaces, and even cooking appliances.

But since it’ll contain everything your inside kitchen has, it’s recommended to build it as close to the house as you can for more wind protection. This also gives you the advantage of easy connection to existing plumbing and fuel lines and attaching a shaded structure to your house.

Conservatory room

There can be many uses for a conservatory room. You can use the space as a family room, separate workspace, a guest area, or an event venue for your gatherings or parties. Can’t you picture relaxing here while reading your book while raining or having a fancy candlelight dinner with your guests?

But if you’re interested in building a big project like this for your events or personal use, consider hiring a conservatory contractor to help you out. Also, make up your mind if you want to go for a vintage design or a more modern style, as this will impact the interior pieces you’ll have to buy or build for the space.


Another fantastic home extension project that can add value to your exterior is a stunning pergola. This structure can give an aesthetically pleasing yet functional space to experience the beauty of backyard living. Pergolas can be detached or attached to your house; they are typically made up of posts, beams, and rafters.

As for the design, you can go for a southwestern patio for a timeless look, a sleek, contemporary layout for a more modern style, or a tropical design with vibrant seating for a chic and more stylish feel. If you’re planning to build a bigger pergola, be sure to seek assistance from a contractor to ensure the design and height follow the current building guidelines.

Fire pit setup


If you’re on a limited budget, a backyard fire pit is an excellent choice. This low-cost project is perfect for small gatherings with family and friends. You can make s’mores, drink wine, or roast some hot dogs around the fire pit.

Fire pits usually cost around $50 and $150, depending on the material or size. You can build a gravel fire pit if you prefer an amazing outdoor oasis look, a boulder fire pit for a more classic, medieval vibe, or a stacked stone pit for a unique look. No matter what style you go for, install seating areas that match it, and are of course, comfortable.

Floating deck

Another budget-friendly outdoor project to consider is a floating deck, often called a freestanding deck. This can be set on a bed of gravel or directly on the ground. Still, it is recommended to use concrete blocks for support and keep the wood away from the ground’s moisture.

The tricky part about building a floating deck is the material you’re going to use. You need to choose a wood that is insect-resistant and naturally or treated weather-proof. The most durable and least expensive you have for building deck boards and the frame is pressure-treated lumber. For a higher quality choice and better appearance, you can opt for a Southern yellow pine or SYP. There is composite decking, which is a more environmentally-friendly option. This is made from recycled wood pulp, and plastic does not require a protective finish and is also rot-proof.

Indeed, building a house extension is daunting work but is also ultimately rewarding, especially if you want to enhance your home’s value and aesthetics. We hope that the project ideas in this list gave you inspiration for your home extension. Explore different ideas to decide better what option is perfect for your space and budget.

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