How Much Should You Spend to Repair Laminate Flooring?

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The usual price range for repairing laminate floors in California is between $300 and $1,000, but it’s possible to spend as low as $100 up to $2,500 depending on the cause of damages.

Your location also affects the actual cost of repairs. Those who live in Los Angeles County might pay a more substantial amount than the price of repairs for laminate flooring in Orange County. You should expect to spend more if you live in the city, where the cost of living and price of materials are often higher than in suburban areas.

Common Type of Repairs

Some of the common types of repairs include stains, warped and loose floors, broken floorboards, and cracked surfaces. Professionals use commercial cleaners to get rid of tough stains, but you can do this on your own by using a mix of vinegar and water to remove new marks. You only need four cups of water mixed with a one-fourth cup of vinegar.

But when your flooring has suffered from moisture damage, a professional will need to replace the material. Cracks happen because wood laminate expands when exposed to moisture. If you only need to replace a single floorboard, you should still hire a contractor to do it for you. Even if you have the necessary materials for replacement, a professional will know the best way for a seamless installation.

Comparing Laminated Flooring

Laminate Flooring Options

Swedish company Pergo invented laminate flooring in 1977, and since then, a lot of options have become available on the market. Once you decide on a partial or complete replacement, you should choose the right material based on its connectivity and texture. Thicker laminated floorboards often have better connectivity, and tightly connected pieces prevent moisture penetration.

In terms of texture, the floorboards should appear as identical as possible to your preferred material like wood or stone. Consider spending extra on products with a lifetime warranty, or at least one that has coverage for 15 years.

How to Maintain Wood Laminate

It’s ideal for removing stains as soon as you notice one by using hot water and a damp cloth or mop. Take care not to leave moisture after cleaning the stain. Otherwise, standing water will cause the floor to buckle and warp aside from having cracks. Floorboards can also buckle because of an uneven sub-floor, although consulting a flooring specialist will be the only way to know for sure.

If you see signs of water marks on the walls, check the surrounding floor area beneath it for possible damages as well. Some dark stains like blood or wine can be cleaned with a window cleaner. Dab a small spot to check if the product has an adverse reaction.

In the end, homeowners should request for at least three quotes when choosing among different contractors. While hiring a professional is better than DIY repairs, it doesn’t mean that all companies provide the same level of services. Pick an insured and licensed contractor to protect and improve your property and for your peace of mind.

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