How to Keep Your Home Free from Major Damage

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When you go home, the last thing you want to do is fix a leak in the bathroom or patch up a hole in the roof. Your home should run efficiently and keep you safe. But how do you make sure these inconveniences don’t happen, especially when your property’s seen some years?

A good place to start is to look for those small issues, so they don’t turn into major problems.

Pests Damage

Common house pests pose several problems. First, some species (e.g., cockroaches, rats, and mosquitoes) could carry diseases and jeopardize your family’s health. Second, they could cause allergic reactions, which could be severe. And third, they could wreck areas of your home and create hazardous situations.

Termites, for example, chew on ceilings, floors, and any wooden furniture. Without proper termite inspection, your home could have structural damage. An inspection will identify the type of termite in your property and determine the right treatment.


woman fixing the sinkIs your sink not draining water that effectively? Are you having some problems with rainwater building up in your drains and side pipes? Are there puddles of water forming everywhere for some reason? Then you may have problems with your plumbing.

Unchecked plumbing problems will waste water. It will also lead to damage that create mold and mildew.

Clogged pipes, whether in the bathroom or the kitchen, could also mean bigger problems in your plumbing. It may not be just a case of debris and dirt; it could also be tree roots obstructing water flow. This type of obstruction could be costly to fix as well as leave your kitchen or bathroom unusable for days or weeks.

The best way to avoid these problems is to make sure your pipes are not clogged. At the first sign of a minor problem, resolve it right away.


You may not pay attention to floors as much, but they could cause costly issues when not maintained. Certain materials will require specific type of upkeep as well. For example, natural stone doesn’t need as much looking after as wood flooring. You can also clean natural stone with a wet cloth whereas you can use only a damp cloth for wood surfaces.

But whatever the material, you’ll want to clear your floors of dust because dirt particles can damage finishes. You’ll also want to have floors repaired for cosmetic damage to ensure they don’t cause accidents and lead to bigger repairs.

Cracks on floor tiles, loose flooring panels, and water damage, among others, are not just going to affect the look of your home. They’ll also lead to hazardous situations.

Your home doesn’t just have to look appealing, from inside and out. It also has to function well so that you save money and prevent inconveniences. And best of all, a well-maintained home ensure you don’t have to worry when you come in the door. You can just kick off your shoes, put on some good music, open up a bottle of wine (or have a cup of tea), and get comfortable in your favorite chair.

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