5 Tips to Keep Your Home Cool During Summer


Summer is a season that everyone’s looking forward to. Just think of all the fun we can have under the sun! For sure, we’ve all got plans ready for summer, such as going to the beach, enjoying a picnic, etc. But summer’s all fun and games until it gets too hot!

After spending time out under the sun, we all just want to head home and turn on the air conditioning unit to the coldest temperature possible. But that’s bound to cause your electricity bills to spike. Luckily, there are hacks we can try to keep our homes cool in the summer without spending too much on electricity bills. Here are some tips.

Keep your blinds or curtains closed

Sunlight that penetrates through your windows gives off 30% of unwanted heat in your home. A simple way to keep your home cooler, specifically by 20 degrees, is to keep your blinds and curtains closed when the sun hits. It might be a shame to block all that sunlight, but doing so will protect you from harmful UV rays emitted by the sun. It also protects your furniture from damage and fading due to heat. You can still enjoy the sun in your patio, but consider getting custom awnings to reduce the heat and keep you shaded.

Use a fan instead of the air conditioning unit

ceiling fan

Fans use up significantly less electricity compared to air conditioning units. But often, they’re not enough to keep you cool during extremely hot summer days. Try hacking the air your fan emits by putting a bowl of ice in front of it. This will blow off ice-cold air and freshen up your home effectively. You also might want to change the rotation of your ceiling fans. During the summer, they should be rotating counter-clockwise so that cold air is pushed to the ground.

Unplug what’s not in use and keep the lights off

This tip can go great lengths in reducing your electricity usage during the summer. Plugged appliances, even when not in use, still use up a hefty amount of electricity. Not only that, but they also produce heat. To keep your home a little bit cooler during the summer, make it a habit to unplug appliances, chargers, and other things that are not in use.

Also consider keeping the lights off, especially during the day. Take advantage of natural light instead. This will lessen the heat produced by the light bulbs in your home. Or you can also change your bulbs. Avoid incandescent lights at all costs, as they get their 90% of their energy from the heat they emit.

Change your sheets

During the summer, silk and flannel sheets might sound like a good idea for insulation. There’s nothing that feels better than lying on a cold silk sheet during hot summer days. But you’ll find that these don’t really retain the coolness and you’ll feel even hotter later on. During the hot, summer weather, cotton sheets are more ideal as they have amazing breathability.

Plant a tree

If you’re looking for a more long-term solution, you might want to consider planting a tree. This would require more time and preparation, but the results will certainly pay off all the hard work. Trees can block over 70% of solar radiation from entering your home, keeping you cooler during the summer.

There are a lot of small adjustments we can make to not only save on electricity expenses but also keep our home cool during summer. Take these tips to reduce heat in your home and enjoy the hot season.

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