How to Make Your Home’s Interior Design Work for You

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Interior design in many condos is quite a challenge given the limited space for many structures. The challenge comes from the limitation of space and the lack of rooms to create variety in design. This, however, doesn’t mean you don’t have an opportunity to be truly creative—it just requires a little innovative thinking. Here are the best design ideas that you should try out to maximize your condo’s interiors regardless of its space limitations.


One of the biggest complaints and niggles that people have when it comes to the condominium is the lack of anything natural. This is especially true for those living on higher floors where the chances to see nature are slim. That being said, you don’t have to settle for this situation. The use of a lot of wood and potted plants in your interior design can quickly alleviate your longing for nature. Apart from this effect, natural wood is far easier to clean and acts as a natural insulator to help keep your condo unit cool and comfortable when you want it.


minimalist living roomOne of the most popular concepts in condo interior design in a country like Singapore is minimalism. This concept originated in Japan, where practitioners of the art take a small space and fill it only with what’s necessary. This requires the taking away of superfluous furniture, décor, and appliances for just what is needed. While this does make for less vibrant condo design, it does offer a lot more space for free movement. It might not seem appealing to many, but those who swear by it have said that it gives an inner peace due to a lack of clutter. Minimalism is a good option for tiny spaces.


When speaking about the lack of condo floor space, many people like talking about limitations on how they can decorate and set up the furniture. This, again, is a turn off for many. That’s why many interior design firms go for multi-functional installations. This usually involves furniture that can be folded up to create more spaces or even those that serve dual functionality like tables that can also be ironing boards or couches that turn into a bed. The advantage of this design paradigm is that it maximizes the available space while providing you with all you need.


Of course, there’s nothing wrong with going to the basics when it comes to design. This kind of mindset usually uses more straightforward elements like partitioning to create the illusion of rooms. The great thing about basic design is that it uses what you already have with no need to invest much more into the rest of the condo. At the very least, you only need to invest in closets and dressers to stow away your stuff.

Just because you have limited space in your condo, it doesn’t mean that you should do away you’re your design preferences. The trick is to find a design firm that is willing to listen to your ideas as well as your wants and can match these against whatever budget you have on hand. Take a look at any previous work that they might have done as a means to guide whether or not you align in terms of design.

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