Redesigning on a Budget: Improving a Home with Limited Space

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Enhancing your living space is essential because it directly affects your health and overall quality of life. This is why you need to ensure that your residential property is perfectly designed to suit your needs and preferences. Aside from aesthetically-appealing interiors, you also need to design your home with useful and functional features. Doing this is easy if you have huge funds for home improvement projects. You can easily purchase new furniture items and hire expert home designers and renovation experts to help you with your plan. However, accomplishing this task can be challenging for those living in a small home and have a limited budget for home upgrades.

The average cost of a typical home redesign project can range from $44,000 to 75,000. These figures can decrease or increase depending on the type of project you want to get for your property. Usually, you can save up a few thousand dollars for redesign if you stick to minor upgrades. However, you need to prepare huge funds for home improvement if you plan to make a full home makeover. This includes kitchen and bath remodelling projects.

The Benefits of Living in a Small Residential Property

If you consider the cost of major redesign projects, you may start thinking about not pushing through with your plans for a home upgrade. However, you need to understand that the cost of home improvements depends on the project type. You can also expect significantly lesser expenses if your property has limited space. Aside from this, you can experience the following benefits from a limited-space home:

  • Improved energy-efficiency—Small residential properties requires less energy use. This includes heating, cooling, and lighting, which makes the house more environment-friendly. It significantly reduces the use of resources, which also leads to lesser pollution and carbon footprints.
  • Easier cleaning and maintenance process—Homeowners will find it easy to clean and maintain. With limited space, homeowners don’t have to spend a lot of time and energy doing upkeep tasks for the property.
  • Less expensive costs and faster repairs—Repairing damaged parts is also less expensive because of the smaller space of the property. If you have issues at home, you can hire experts and expect them to complete the tasks immediately. For instance, if you hire reputable plumbers because of burst pipes, they can resolve the issue within a few minutes. They don’t have to inspect a large area, so finishing the job will be easy.
  • Boost family relationship—With limited space, family members will be obliged to stay in common spaces. Because of this, families tend to grow closer and develop better relationships. They will be able to interact more often than those living in an incredibly large house.

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Redesigning a Small Home on a Budget

Aside from the abovementioned benefits, a small home is undeniably easier to customize compared to large houses. Keep in mind that unlike huge mansions, tiny or small residential properties don’t require huge improvements. You need to find out practical solutions to enhance the property’s appearance and overall value. The following are some of the most recommended solutions to help you design a home with limited space:

  • Prioritize adding functional features—Before addressing aesthetic concerns, make sure to prioritize adding useful features at home. This means you have to think of ways to make your home more functional for its occupants. This includes adding windows to maximize the use of natural light.
  • Come up with small decorative ideas—Think of small improvements that will make a huge impact on the overall appearance of your home. For instance, you can change the paint colours on your wall. You can also install mirrors to make your home appear bigger.
  • Invest in small, multi-purpose furniture items—Never purchase huge furniture items because it will only make your home look cluttered and disorganized. Stick to small furniture items that serve multiple purposes. For instance, you can purchase ottomans that have storage space so you can have additional seats. At the same time, you will have extra space for storing items such as books or documents.

When improving your home, don’t focus too much on the cost. Pay closer attention to functionality and comfort. Make sure that when you redesign your home, it will provide you with cosy and elegant interiors. With this, you will be able to appreciate your home even if it only provides you with limited space. Consider working with professionals whenever you plan to perform new redesign or renovation projects. This way, you can maximize the use of space and save a lot of money from home improvement projects.

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