Roads and Road Trips in the United States

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From the creation of the wheel to modern-day transportation, the world has seen multiple inventions to improve movement. People have created roads and pathways to ensure higher mobility, quality, and accessibility.

Road quality is more than just networks and highways. It also comes down to its raw quality, including the choice of materials, such as concrete sealers, paint, and cement. Utah, California, and Colorado are just some of the best road trip locations we will discuss below.

Road Rankings

It is indeed known that road and infrastructure quality plays a key factor in monitoring economic progress. After all, how can a country progress if its roads are inaccessible and even slow down the movement of goods?

A recent posting from the World Economic Forum ranked the United Arab Emirates as first in terms of road quality, having a ranking of 6.4 out of 7, followed by Singapore and Switzerland (6.3), Hong Kong (6.2), Netherlands and Japan (6.1), Austria, Portugal and France (6.0), and the United States (5.7).

Even though the United States is ranked 10th in road quality, here are some locations that can give you not just good road quality, but a quality road trip as well.

For Classic Americans: Montana (Beartooth Highway)

Switchbacks and zigzag roads with steep paths, the road’s views include Montana’s signature rocky mountains, snow caps, the Custer National Forest, and the Beartooth wildlife and wilderness. Take note, however, that the highway is only open from May to October.

For Foodies: Vermont (Stowe – Rochester)

Bisecting the New England state is Route 100, a destination crawling with restaurants, breweries, gourmet establishments, and farms. Take your time and have a sip of wine at the Boyden Valley in Cambridge and some apple cider at Cold Hollow Cider Mill. Vermont is also home to the Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream factory.

For the Out-of-this-World: Utah (Dark Sky Parks)

With so many certified Sky Parks, it only seems right to plan a road trip on this state. From Zion National Park going to Capitol Reef, Cedar Breaks, and the famous Bryce Canyon. These destinations will surely give you an out-of-this world vibe among the other road trip destinations listed here.

For the Mountaineer: Colorado (Beaver creek – Keystone)

Traveling by motorhome

There is nothing like roughing it out in the well-known Rocky Mountains of Colorado for a mountain road trip. From skiing and ziplining, there is plenty of activities to keep you around in the Vail (Epic Discovery). The trip continues from Cooper Mountain, Frisco, and Keystone.

For Romance: California (Pacific Coast Highway)

Moving along California farms and some beaches, bridges and Redwoods, explore the Monterey Bay Aquarium and a romantic lunch at the Carmel-by-the-Sea, a stroll after lunch at the Julia Pfeiffer Burns Park, and a sunset by the Big Sur.

More than just a means of transport and a pathway to destinations, roads represent so much more than you may think. They are pathways to traveling, exploring the world (or your local state), and a reflection of your country’s growth and progress. Whether you are gassing up for your next state delivery or preparing for your next road trip destination, there is always a road for you to drive by.

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