Signs That Your Foundation Is Sinking

House with a faulty foundation

Your foundation is one of the most significant parts of the building. A house will maintain its integrity for decades as long as the foundation is sound and well maintained. One of the biggest problems you might have to deal with is a sinking foundation.

While this is a sign of unstable soil or badly set foundation, you can salvage the situation before it harms your beautiful home. Knowing when to call in the foundation sinking repair experts could save you a fortune in repairs.

Here are some of the things to be on the lookout for so that you can spot the sinking foundation before it is too late. Atlas Piers tells us more.

Cracks on the Foundation

The most obvious about a sign that your foundation needs some inspection is noticeable cracks on the foundation wall. Although cracks don’t explicitly mean that your foundation is sinking, it is a red flag.

Poured concrete foundation can get hairline fractures as it shrinks and expands over time. These are harmless especially if your home is new. The foundation is just settling.

If your home is old, foundation cracks indicate something else. For instance, foundation wall cracks that are wider at the top might indicate that sections of the foundation are falling away.

Don’t fill such cracks before figuring out why they are there. Calling in a contractor to inspect your foundation instead of someone to fill the gaps is a great idea.

Doors or Windows That Don’t Fit

Bottom view of windowsNormally, windows and doors fit snuggly into their wall openings. If the house is sinking, a couple of inches worth of difference will make it hard to close them. A portion of the window or door will stick out.

Sometimes, the problem could be moisture related because building material expands and contracts as weather changes. However, if the conditions persist or the door or window sticks out prominently, you might need someone to check out your foundation instead of just shaving your door to fit.

If you are moving into a new home, check doors and windows for signs of shaving or sawing to make the door fit into sinking doorways.

An Uneven Floor

An uneven floor in the basement or any level of your home is a sign of trouble. An uneven basement concrete floor could hint on shifting foundation.

This could translate to a sinking foundation. Uneven floors in higher levels of the house could hint on other problems that should nonetheless be checked out by a professional.

Cracks Above Windows and Door Frames

Cracks in the drywall or plaster might sound like an easy fix, but you should always find out why they are occurring. Cracks around the corners of windows and doors are a sign of foundation movement.

Use a level on the window frame to check if its level. A degree of unevenness suggests foundation movement, and you should call in an expert.

Only an expert building contractor can certify your foundation sinking fears. You should get your home inspected if it shows the above signs especially if you live in a tremor-prone area or a place with waterlogged soil.

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