Signs That You Should Replace Your Garage Door Opener

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Garage doors are a convenience many homeowners take for granted. We have grown so used to the simplicity of pressing a button to open the garage door when driving home after a long day at work we never stop to think in the event that door opener needs replacement or repair.

Although not common, the garage door opener will wear off with time or simply become obsolete. Garage door motors replacement in Brisbane shouldn’t just target damaged openers.

You should call in the experts to inspect your garage door now and then and schedule for a replacement in the even that your garage door opener fits any of the following descriptions.

An Old Model Opener

New garage door openers are energy-efficient as well as safer. They use sensors to ensure that the door only closes or opens when it is safe to do so. Modern motors also have the auto-reverse feature that makes the door to change direction in the event it detects some resistance.

These safety features are mandatory in some regions. In the event they are not in your locality, you should still consider adhering to them as they will make your home a safer place to be.

Vibrates During Operation

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Vibrations might seem normal to most working equipment. After all, any moving part can produce tiny vibrations. While this is true, any audible or visible vibrations from the opener spell disaster. Older or damaged motors vibrate every time they move.

Worn out armatures or bent shafts could cause such vibrations. As time goes by, the vibrations will shake the motor loose from its mounting points.

If this doesn’t happen, chances are the vibrations will throw the motor’s working parts out of alignment. All the loosening from the vibrations could make your motor break loose and fall on you or your car while in operation.

Intermittent or Unresponsive Operation

A good garage door should open up immediately you press the remote control button, or the wall mounted button. After double-checking that the remote controller has fresh working batteries, you should call in an expert to either repair or replace the door.

The intermittent operation or failure could be from a damaged circuit board or a faulty motor. While sometimes this could be repaired if it is a relatively new garage door opener with spare parts in the market, you will have to buy a new unit in the even that you are dealing with an old opener. It is hard to get spare parts for old units, and you wouldn’t want to risk hacks that might prove catastrophic in the future.

Keeping your garage door opener in good working condition is paramount. It not only ensures that your door will open every time you press the button but also keeps everyone in the house safer.

Clinging to an old opener could sometimes be more expensive than just grabbing a modern unit. Talk to your local contractor and have them give their opinion with regard to repairs or replacement.

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