Six Ways to Increase Security Around Your Property

Home Security measures

Your home is supposed to be the one place where you feel most safe and secure. However, with burglars constantly on the prowl for their next victims, you have to be more proactive in fortifying your property. Here are some practical ways to do this.

Have Ample Barriers

Use landscaping to your advantage, as a barrier can take the form of prickly hedges. Some shrubs that are up to the task of protecting your property include whitethorn, holly and gorse. These have thorns, and they can be a pain to overcome. Alternatively, you can also hire a contractor in Oxnard, CA to install wrought iron fences in your home. Aside from being secure, these kinds of fences are durable, so they’re built to last for a long time.

Install Secure Locks

Make your home very hard to break in to. Make sure all your windows and doors are securely locked whenever you’re out. If you have an internal deadlock, upgrade that to a solid steel bolt. Use a heavy-duty strike plate with four screws. Better still, if you’re moving into a new home and you have no idea how many people have duplicate keys of the existing lock, just change it into a smart lock. This type of lock is tamper-proof and encrypted.

Light Up Your Home

Lights will serve as a deterrent to burglars. Burglars work best in darkness, so you’d want to install some lights in every nook of your property, especially those areas that lead up to an entryway. You can use exterior motion sensor lights to give them the impression that someone’s onto them even before they can wreak havoc. Or you can go for the more technologically advanced smart lights, which you can control using an app on your smartphone.

Install a Home Alarm System

Have security cameras and alarm on your property. There are lots of wired and wireless security systems to choose from. And not only can they deter burglars, but you may also even enjoy some savings on your home insurance when you have this kind of security measure in place.

Mind Your Social Media Posts

Make sure you don’t post a status on your social media accounts that you’re out on vacation. Those posts let the whole world know, including thieves, that your property is vulnerable and that may well be the all the invitation that the burglars need to help themselves into your home while you’re away. So just let a couple of trusted friends know about your plans, and you’re more likely to enjoy your time away knowing your home is safe.

Deceive the Robbers

Sometimes, you have to be wily in dealing with these shady individuals, especially if you don’t have the budget yet to set some security measures in place. So instead of a real working alarm system, you could install fake alarm boxes complete with blinking lights to deceive the burglars. You can also put a security system decals or “Beware of the Dog” sign with food and water bowl near it for good measure.

When it comes to home burglary, prevention is always the better option. So take the time to have these measures in place, and you’re least likely to suffer through the pain of losing something to burglars.

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