Spend Less Time Taking Care of Your Yard with These Ideas

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Maintaining a beautiful and inviting outdoor space doesn’t have to be time-consuming. That’s especially true if you’ve carefully picked plants, materials, appliances, furniture, and other design elements that are low-maintenance and durable in the first place. So if you want to upgrade or redesign your backyard to make it stylish but with minimal upkeep, here are some ideas to get you started:

Build a strong foundation

Want a backyard space where you can hang out and entertain friends? You need a solid base first. Building a strong foundation for stone surfaces and pavers will help avoid costly repairs later. Say you want a patio, make sure your contractor lay at least a six-inch layer of compacted soil or stones first.

A strong foundation also keeps your outdoor patio level and prevents weeds from sprouting. If you have a good base, you won’t have a problem weeding or re-leveling it if you need to change pavers in the future.

Choose native plants

For the best low-maintenance planting results, it’s wise to have native plants that thrive in your area. These plants aren’t only easier to establish, but they also require less water and upkeep to grow. You won’t have to worry about re-planting too often in a year. Plus, with native plants, your garden will be a great support to biodiversity as it can provide shelter and food to local fauna.

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Plant climate-specific grass

Suppose you want some grass in designing your lawn or backyard, research which type grows best in your location. For instance, in the Northeast, fescue and ryegrass thrive well. On the other hand, in the Southeast, Bermuda is often the go-to option. Like a native plant garden, grass specific to your area’s climate can help you save money and time on maintenance activities such as watering and fertilizing.

But if you don’t want to deal with grass, how about an artificial turf installation, instead? It keeps your garden looking fresh and beautiful. And you no longer have to deal with weed, pests, and muddy puddles.

Make use of potted plants

Potted plants make your yard more low-maintenance and versatile. Pots are easy to move around. If you want to redecorate your yard or preparing for a party on your patio, you can quickly move them to another area without needing any equipment. You can also use potted plants to add a pop color to your yard.

Pick durable materials and appliances

For outdoor landscaping, it’s a must to pick durable materials to avoid costly repairs or replacements. One good option is bluestone. It can be costly, but it has a dense composition, making it long-lasting. Less expensive but durable options for your patio floor include crushed stone such as white or pea stone.

The same goes for your outdoor appliances and fixtures. For instance, go with a built-in barbecue area with long-lasting stone veneers on the front. You can attach it to a sturdy and stylish granite countertop. Keep in mind that outdoor appliances and fixtures should withstand harsh weather elements year-round.

With these ideas, you can have a beautiful yard that doesn’t take much of your weekends. After all, you should spend more time enjoying the landscape and relaxing in your outdoor space—not working on it.

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