Transforming the Kitchen of Your Dreams

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All of us consider our homes a sanctuary, and at times we tend to have a favorite spot where we can channel our minds, get inspired, or simply relax. For some, it could be the bedroom, the garden, or in the kitchen, depending on their interest and inclinations.

If cooking is your hobby, then the kitchen is highly likely your choice for unwinding and expressing your thoughts. It is where you find solidarity amidst the stress that life brings. In addition, it may be the space where you and your family gather and bond. From baking cookies to creating mouthwatering recipes, there are plenty of fun indoor activities to do.

Below, we share cost-efficient ways to give your kitchen a turn of the tide, making it a brighter and fresher culinary oasis you’ve always dreamed of.

Plan the Project

A kitchen makeover is somehow notorious for being expensive. Moreover, it may sound challenging for starters to pull off a wonderful kitchen design without spending extra cash. However, it’s good to note that upgrading your kitchen or any part of your home will not just raise its value, but give you satisfaction as well. Fortunately, you can set a budget carefully by planning ahead and doing just one project at a time.

Assess the urgency level of each matter and learn to prioritize. For example, the repair of a broken kitchen tile may be more important than a new paint job.

The Style

Determine what style and theme would you like to showcase in your kitchen. Is it contemporary, clean, and modern or is it rustic, cozy, and retro? Decide on a primary vibe and don’t forget to do an initial canvassing of the materials you will need. When all are checked and ready, it is best to start off with your cabinets.


kitchen cabinet construction

To save more, do not demolish your old cabinets. Make use of your existing storage by transforming them into a style you opted for. Assuming that they are strategically placed and don’t have to undergo a serious makeover, paint is your best weapon.

Do not be afraid to play with colors. Painting it white can give you a no-fail and simple yet elegant look. Matte black, on the other hand, can give a minimalistic and sophisticated aura. Avoid vibrant and flashy colors like green, orange, and yellow since they appear loud and chaotic. Colors that are too dark such as purple aren’t ideal either.


This is where you decide and think about the long- and short-term effects. Countertops are the most used and exposed area to wear and tear. With that, you may want to spend some extra money to ensure high quality, functionality, and durability without sacrificing design and style. In Salt Lake City homes, quartz and granite countertops are somehow seen as expensive yet proven to be reliable choices.

You may want to check local quartz and granite countertop shops to compare costs and weigh your options. If you are on a tight budget, try concrete finish countertops since they can give a minimalist yet industrial look to your kitchen, as they give a warmer and more versatile look and vibe. Another alternative is to simply go back to basic by opting for a wood finish. This costs much lesser and yet appear warm and inviting than other types.

Upgrade, upgrade, upgrade…

It’s not just your kitchen’s face that needed an upgrade, your appliances and kitchenware deserve to level up as well. Keep out all unnecessary things that can be a potential eyesore to your newly updated kitchen look. Consider the condition and appearance of your utensils, starting from your chopping board down to your knives and cooking pots.

If your kitchen appliances need to be replaced, then go for it. Do not be afraid to let go, as it may be more beneficial than you realize. New kitchen appliances are proven to be more reliable and less consuming, which help you cut down on energy bills in the long run.

Home renovation doesn’t have to be expensive. By doing research or asking professionals for cost-effective methods, there’s no need to break the bank. Furthermore, you will need a good plan, a playful imagination, and a sense of creativity.

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