5 Easy Ways to Maintain Your Tile Floor

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Most people opt for tile flooring because it warrants durability, attractiveness, and ease of maintenance. Tiles come in a myriad of designs, colours, and materials, which gives you the freedom to choose. Understand that you will only enjoy the benefits tiles can offer if you maintain yours right. While you can learn as you go, some maintenance mistakes can mean permanent damage to your tiles. How do you approach maintaining a tile floor?

Keep the Floor Dust-free

The tile floor of your house in Australia needs regular cleaning to stay in pristine condition. Since dust and dirt accumulate daily, you should vacuum your floor daily. Failure to do it means that accumulated dust will embed in the tiles and grout. It is important to avoid using straw brooms to sweep off dust because they are likely to scratch your floor. Mopping up the floor with warm water at least once a week is important. Using warm water helps remove the dirt that vacuuming and dry mopping might not remove.

Fix the Cracks

Tools used in repalcing tiles

Fixing hairline cracks on tiles is effortless. Clear epoxy or oil-based paint can conceal such cracks. If you have large cracks and dents, however, you might need to replace your tiles. Since tile replacement requires expertise and the right diamond tools, it is advisable to entrust tile replacement to the experts.

Clean Up Spills Immediately

Spills are not only a slip hazard but also a threat to the appearance and lifespan of your tile flooring. Do not assume that spills that are out of foot traffic areas are harmless. You need to clean them up immediately to avoid stain buildup. It is advisable to use safe spill cleaning methods. A cleanser and disinfectant, for instance, will work well for dirtier spills. In case you have raw egg and/or raw meat spills and other spills that are likely to cause the buildup of bacteria, using aggressive cleaning methods works. Be careful not to use harsh cleaning products that are likely to dull your tiles.

Use Doormats

Doormats on both sides of all doors leading in and out of the house are important. Doormats ensure that mud, water, and dust are not tracked indoors. It pays to use a bath mat in your tiled bathroom to keep the tiles dry. If there are high-traffic areas in your home, you should place area rugs in those areas to minimise the chances of dirt buildup, dulling, and scratches.

Take Care of the Grout

The grout is part of tile flooring, and you have to maintain it. While there are special cleaning products for grout, you do not have to overspend to maintain it. A water and baking soda mixture applied on the grout cleans it effectively. It is advisable to apply the paste evenly, leave it overnight, and scrub it off with a toothbrush. You have to rinse the paste off after scrubbing, preferably with warm water.

Knowing how to maintain tile floors helps them stay attractive for many years. While you can always replace dull and scratched tiles, maintaining them is cheaper and less troublesome. Researching how best to maintain your tiles is important.

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