Bringing Style and Newness into Your Home Office

Photographer in her home office

Working at home is becoming quite a popular alternative to a typical office position. It allows for plenty of freedom. You are in full control of your schedule, such as when you start and end work and how often you can take a break. But this presents some problems with discipline, and a messy office can take away the reason for keeping it at home.

Visual Cues

An important factor when setting up your home office is the idea that it is separate from your living environment. You can’t function properly if your work area is far too close to where you sleep. You also can’t rest if work keeps calling to you from the computer, laptop, phone, or canvas. Turn your home office into a visual treat by changing the flooring into something different from the rest of your home. If you have marble tiles, change your office flooring into marine plywood that is popular in New Zealand.

Cleanliness and Order

While the office should reflect your work ethic and personality, it’s important for your space to be clean and orderly to remind you of what you should do. Get some sturdy and slim shelves in your work area so that you can store books and other materials for better referencing. If you can arrange them in a visually pleasing manner—on the off chance that you get a video conference—you know where your backdrop is. Rolling carts are also great, especially if you aim to move multiple or heavy objects from one spot to another.

Green and Sun

Plants beside the windowPlants and natural lighting are important parts of any room, especially one as serious as a home office or makeshift studio. Make enough space to put in small potted plants for your tables and corners, which can greatly improve your mood as the days go by. Pick plants that don’t require plenty of tending, and remind yourself to water them occasionally, particularly in hot weather. As for light, it’s important to have all the light you need from day to night. Use heavy curtains to shield yourself when it gets too hot. If you’re able, get the option to use white and yellow light for variation.

Setting the Mood

Music and scents can also make your office stylish and relaxing. You can benefit from placing a speaker somewhere in the corner or upper shelving, letting the sounds travel freely in any volume. As for scents, you can choose to have incense, potpourri, or a diffuser, depending on your aesthetics or allergy concerns. For energising, use lemon, orange, mint, and similar scents. If you want to relax, go with jasmine, lavender, sage, and lemongrass. A simple way to diffuse scents is to put a diffuser by the window and let the wind spread them.

A simple, stylish, and friendly home office or studio is important to keep your mind focused on work. It’s also great for encouraging you to take pleasure in what you do without draining you of your will. Bring some good vibes into your work area and make it a haven for your mind and body.

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