Existing Homes Usually Have 13 Years of Wear and Tear

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Are you planning to sell your home in the coming months after several years of staying there? Regardless of your reason for doing so, it is best to take a closer look before putting your property on the market.

A study showed that long-time homeowners usually discover 13 years of accumulated wear-and-tear on their houses. Even if homes are in-demand in your local community, you can’t take advantage of it when you sell a run-down house. Most people will fix at least one problem or upgrade a specific part of the house before planning a sale. It could be as simple as replacing aluminum or metal fence panels on a broken gate, or a new coat of paint to make the walls look new.

Your Curb Appeal Matters More

You should focus on your front yard before thinking about repairing issues inside your house. Curb appeal dictates the level of attraction that it elicits among potential buyers. In fact, some people already decide whether or not to place a bid just by looking at the state of your lawn. If you don’t have a front yard, the immediate entrance of your house should provide an excellent first impression.

This requires fixing any busted light, broken door, and window. You also have to add some pieces of furniture to create a mood. Those who have a spacious garden should consider consulting a landscape designer to improve aesthetics. If you need to replace a fence, the type of materials will affect the overall cost.

Should You Install A Fence?

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Some experts might recommend putting up a fence in a community where there no homes without it since it can increase the value of your house. On the other hand, it might not be a good idea to install one if your neighbors don’t have one. When in doubt, ask a local realtor on the best choice. A yard fence costs between $1 per linear foot and $45 per linear foot.

One way to control your budget involves knowing just how much you could recover from a home improvement project. Americans regain around $0.69 for every spent dollar, but the actual figure varies based on where you live in the U.S. Those who live in the Mid-Atlantic region might only recover around $0.62 per dollar, so you need to be careful with your choices.

Avoid kitchen renovations, especially when you only have a limited budget. What seems attractive to you might be otherwise for a buyer unless you know them. Instead, try to spruce up your bathroom as much as possible. You could increase the value of your property by up to $1.71 for every spent dollar.

In the end, some simple repairs do not require a lot of money. However, you should take note that you get what you pay for when planning to renovate your house. If you already have an existing fence, you can try to improve its appearance by replacing old metal fence panels. Seek professional help if you feel unsure.

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