Obvious Signs that You Need a Bathroom Makeover ASAP

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Bathrooms are probably one of the most used areas in our homes. However, such heavy usage of the area mostly leads to little damages that we tend to overlook.

It might seem that your bathroom is functioning fine, but several tell-tale signs can push you to do a makeover finally. From outdated interiors to obvious damages to lack of storage, here are some major signs that your bathroom needs some updating in the near future:

1. Your bathroom is prone to accidents.

Experts argue that the most hazardous activities happen when you bathe, shower, or get in and out of the tub. In fact, around 234,000 individuals suffer from slipping in the bathroom. Of these, around 33% require hospital admission, especially the elderly.

Such slips and falls are often caused by slippery flooring. Consider upgrading your flooring with matte-finished, non-skid tiles. Install non-slip shower mats near outside your shower cubicle and at the entrance of your bathroom. You can also add grab bars inside and outside of your tub for added protection and assistance.

Aside from slippery floors, poor lighting is another culprit of common bathroom accidents. Updating your shower lighting can help you prevent slips and falls, as well as make your bathroom look even better. You may also opt to check all the electrical work to ensure that everything is working properly.

2. Your bathroom fixtures are getting rusty.

Bathrooms produce a lot of moisture from bathing and showering. This can react to metal or other chemicals, which eventually develops rust. Such a phenomenon makes your fixtures suffer from discoloration and rusting. Not only does it affect the physical appearance of your fixtures, but it also damages them. On top of this, rust is considered the main culprit for a tetanus infection, making it one of the most notorious health hazards.

Replace your rusty fixtures with chrome and stainless steel ones. Use the appropriate cleaning products to effectively remove the moisture from your sinks, toilet bowls, and showerheads. Using baking soda and vinegar as a cleaning agent is another effective way to limit the development of rust.

3. There is a foul smell lingering in your bathroom.

When you are welcomed by a musty smell every time you enter the bathroom, chances are there is a considerable amount of damage in your toilet and bath. While foul bathroom odours are commonly caused by the accumulation of moulds and mildew, there are instances that such problems result from severe mechanical issues.

Consider hiring a professional to check for any leaks and clogs in your plumbing system. Repair the damages immediately. Make sure that your drain cover is free of hair and soap scum buildup after you take a shower. You can also manually clean your drain using baking soda, vinegar, hot water, and an old toothbrush.

Aside from this, you may opt to install an exhaust fan or an air purifier to increase airflow and neutralise bathroom odour. Air fresheners, bamboo charcoals, and scented candles may also help eliminate the musty smell. Having a nicely scented bathroom will not only improve its function but can also help you relax and enjoy your alone time in the shower.

4. Your bathroom lacks storage space.

Having a disorganised bathroom can become quite an inconvenience. Not finding your essentials when you’re already running late is clearly not the right way to start your day. Not only that, but clutter can also take up a vast amount of space in your bathroom, which can limit your movement.

If clutter rules in your toilet, chances are you need immediate storage solutions. Take the time to clean and get rid of all the clutter before you start doing any renovations. Seek the help of storage experts and interior designers to help you maximise your bathroom space for storage needs. Installing built-in shelves may be a better option than purchasing some bulky organisers.

5. Your bathroom layout appears to be non-functional.

A cramped up space or a poor fixture placement can make it difficult for you to move around and access necessities in the bathroom. Consider a remodel once these difficulties occur on numerous occasions. Coordinate with your renovation specialist to create a more functional space that will allow you to move freely and with little to no difficulty.

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You don’t need to remodel your entire bathroom to make it more functional and aesthetically pleasing. However, these signs can help you determine what needs to be prioritised during your bathroom renovation. Addressing these signs can help save your family from serious accidents in the shower.

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