On Sharing the Bathroom with Your Husband and Staying Sane

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Okay, so divorce is an exaggeration when we talk about husbands and bathrooms, but it does feel that way sometimes. Sharing a bathroom with your husband might be one of those trivial things you shrug off before you actually do it. But once you start cleaning after him, you’re going to get a case of a serious mental breakdown. It is so frustrating to have to share every inch of the bathroom space with someone who doesn’t care about decorative towels and scented candles, right?

Imagine getting a bath remodel in Kansas City or other cities. You’re so excited to get in the tub to relax. Yet, lo and behold, your husband is there either hogging the toilet or shaving his beard. You can see the hair falling on your beautiful tiles. Why couldn’t he make sure they fall in the sink? Why can’t he put down the toilet seat? Why can’t he clean up the glop shaving cream that’s left on the counter? What is wrong with him?

Maybe the question should be: what is wrong with you? Of course, you’re going to have issues sharing a bathroom with a man. Many of them don’t care about the same things that women care about in a bathroom such as the scented candles, diffusers, wicks, toiletries, decorative towels, and many other things. Here’s a suggestion: if you have a spare bathroom that he can use, banish your husband to that bathroom. He wouldn’t mind because honestly, they kind of want their own space, too. They don’t want to deal with your towels and the bottles of toners that you have.

But if you do have to share a bathroom with your significant other, there are ways to do so harmoniously. It’s important to remember that you should both work to share the bathroom. Discuss these tips with your partner:

Don’t Leave the Door Open

You’ll be surprised that a lot of people believe that they should leave the door open when they poop. No, you shouldn’t do that. It’s an emphatic no. Close the door and do your thing.

Don’t Be Embarrassed About the Contents of Your Medicine Cabinet

You will be sharing a medicine cabinet with your partner. Don’t be embarrassed about the contents of your medicine cabinet—whether these are pills for mental health or a skin disorder. If you feel embarrassed about it, then end the relationship right away. You should be comfortable with your partner about the medication you are under.


Be Fair

If there are four shelves in your medicine cabinet, it’s only fair that you get two each, right? Now, it would be nice for your husband to give you extra space, but don’t hog his space without his permission. Be polite even though he has tons of extra space on his shelves.

Set a Bathroom Cleaning Schedule

Who’s going to clean the bathroom? People hate the idea of having to clean the toilet and scrubbing off the mildew from the tiles. Make sure that someone is always scheduled to clean the bathroom so that these things don’t pile up. If you are splitting the chore, take it seriously.

Invest in a Double Sink

Investing in a double sink is almost as good as having your own bathroom. It’s a total life-changer. You don’t have to fight for space in the morning when you’re both rushing to work. You have your own medicine cabinet and countertop. You should also be responsible for cleaning your own sink. A lot of problems will be solved by a double sink.

Don’t worry, feeling annoyed and frustrated are all part of being married. The bathroom may be a huge contention, but it’s one of those things you can laugh about. Yes, remember to laugh about it because it will eat you up inside. It takes a lot of patience to get a marriage to work. Sharing a bathroom is a minor inconvenience.

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